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Who do you know that is making a massive impact in this world but doesn’t have a story of growth to go along with it?

You grow more and more impatient as the days go by as you wait for the day that you can finally see that everything is flowing in your business just as you have imagined. It seems like it is taking forever and the pain of waiting for your arrival gets overwhelming for you sometimes.

You want it all and you want it now. Yes, me too and I can’t tell you how many times I have tormented myself with thoughts of despair wondering why it isn’t happening for me yet. Wondering if I am really cut out for this online coaching world. Wondering if my message is being seen and if it’s making the impact that I hope for. I call this torment because it leave you feeling less than hopeful, frustrated, discouraged and at times ready to throw in the towel.

You are so driven, passionate, motivated for more and have a burning desire to impact the world like only you know that you can yet it appears that the universe isn’t cooperating with you. It looks like things aren’t even moving in your favor and that you are just running on a treadmill getting tired but going nowhere, right?

Here’s the thing love, it’s all about perspective and you not looking at the BIG picture of your journey. Could you instead choose to see this time as you actually being prepared for the thing that you have been called to do. Can you be available for the possibility that where you are right now is exactly where you are supposed to be? That everything that is and isn’t happening is perfect for you. It’s not our job to run around in circles like we’re on fire wondering why things are looking the way we dreamed they would.

You have a way of underestimating the time it is going to take for your empire to get ‘there’ wherever that is for you and you overestimate all the ‘things’ that you feel like must be done each day to get you there. It’s not wondering that you burn yourself out before you even finish the first leg of the race. I remind myself all the time and I am going to gently remind you, this CEO life is not a sprint it’s a marathon. You aren’t in it for the short terms gains right? You’re in it for the long haul and for the impact that your empire will leave on the generations behind you.

This time right now is your opportunity to prepare yourself and to start operating like the powerful business woman you see in your vision five years from now who is crushing the industry with your multiple six or seven figure empire. This time for you to do the preparation work within you that will help you catch up internally to the grand vision you have been given.

If you were magically given everything that you desire right now, right here you wouldn’t be prepared to handle it. So instead look at what next for you in your journey and decide to operate from that space instead of trying to operate from the five years from now space. I am not saying that we shouldn’t have our long term vision in mind and that we shouldn’t keep claiming it as ours but let’s not get stuck there and then sabotage the place that we are in now. All you have really is today and it’s up to you to create today in such a way that it moves you a bit closer to the finish line.

It’s like taking your five or ten year vision and getting all up in the feelings and emotions of being there and then disassociating with it long enough to do the practical things that need to get done each day in order for you to reach that place. Everything that you dream and desire is already yours anyway, it’s just your job to do the daily work that will slowly close the gap between where you are now and your ultimate vision.

And here’s the other thing, you are a driven business woman so even when you do get to that next level you will have already been thinking about the next level after that so don’t rob yourself of this very present moment that you have right here to BE the woman that you know you’re supposed to be.

Remember this time you are in right now is not a delay of your dreams but simply an opportunity for you to prepare yourself for what’s ahead.





P.S. ~ Let’s do the work together that will prepare you for your next level and have you crushing it in your business and life. In my 7-week group coaching program Breakthrough Bootcamp we dig deep to uncover the limiting beliefs that have been programmed within you and create new beliefs that are aligned with your vision and ultimate purpose.

 We tackle your resistance head on and get you into a place of flow so that you can show up in your business and life confidently. We do release work to help you let go of any stale emotional energy, experiences, and people who may have created a limiting imprint within you that keeps you playing small.

 This program is all about self-discovery, renewing your mind with new beliefs that serve you, facing the resistance, an unproductive patterns that have been holding you back and not allowing you to fully play BIG in your business and life.

 Over our 7- weeks together I will help you:

 *Dig deep so you get crystal clear and intentional around the business and life you long for.

*Confront your inner-critic and really understanding exactly what it is that is holding you back.

*Identify your resistance and how it manifests itself in your business and life so that you can overcome it.

*Create the powerful habit of journaling your way to freedom and getting into true alignment with your vision.

*Release the fear, hurt and doubt that is keeping you from up leveling.

*Dive into your money mindset and beliefs around money causing you to unconsciously close yourself off to more so that you can then create more of it.

*Create your Purpose Plan and step into a no excuse attitude so that you can fully SHIFT into your desired reality.

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**Here’s how this will work**

*LIVE weekly trainings

*Weekly Q&A where you get to ask me anything and have me coach you around what you need.

* Downloadable worksheets.

* A private Facebook group where you can have a safe place to share, engage and be celebrated.

*Weekly meditations (just added)

*Journaling prompts throughout (just added)


  •  30-minute Breakthrough & Alignment Session ($297 value)

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