And One Day She Discovered

You have an amazing power source within you that is just waiting to be tapped. All of those feelings you have bubbling up inside of you are waiting for you to just give yourself permission to allow them to all come out.

You are so passionate about your dreams and your vision yet it also a little scary when you think about the magnitude of what lies within you. You fear that if you let all of your passion shine through in your business that some will see it as overbearing. That they will scowl at you and turn away wonder who this crazy lady is.

Well let them think you are crazy, this world needs a little more passionate, positive, empowered crazy in it. You’re a leader and deep down you know this already but for some reason a part of you feels like it can’t really be you.

It can be you and IT IS you, it’s just waiting for you to claim it. You have a message to share that will change the trajectory of people’s lives and by keeping it to yourself you are being a little selfish don’t you think? You have something amazing to share and it’s not your place not to share.

I believe that our messages, desires, passions, etc. are not ours alone but they are given to us by God and when we choose not to allow them to be seen we are hiding the gifts that he has bestowed upon us.

You are more than enough and yes you are qualified to lead. Why shouldn’t it be you? Why should it only belong to a select few? The question I challenge you to ask yourself is, “Why not me”? Why shouldn’t you be the one who leads the movement, business and message that’s within you?

You are magic my love and it’s about time that you stepped all up in that and unleashed it to the world. It’ so rewarding and wildly liberating when you choose to unleash bits of your soul each day. It feels so good and quite addictive but in a good way of course.

The more you tap into your power and receive what it has for you the more you can show up in your authentic truth. It’s really about being honest with yourself and being unapologetic about what comes up within you.

It may not make sense sometimes but you know our God is not a logical God so role with it baby and let it out. Share your soul, share your message and build the empire that you dream about but feel scared to pursuit fully.

Look you can choose to follow the masses and do what everyone else is doing but you are only going to end up where everyone else is, you want to see new territory and carve your own path in this life so it will require you to hold your head high and walk alone sometimes.

Some people won’t get you. Some will think you are so unsettled. Some will think you are being a bit TOO much, a bit TOO bossy, a bit TOO forward but again you get to define what you and your business are all about not the people of this world who are outside of you.

Hold onto who you really are like your life depends on it because well it kind of does. You are not supposed to get lost in the crowd you were created to shine bright like a diamond baby. You were created to be the beacon of hope to be a leader in your own way so claim that and own it proudly.

During my meditation today I had so many amazing messages that came through me and one word that stood out to me was the word empower and then I was told to empower her. That ‘her’ is you and I am honored and delighted to be able to share my wisdom in business building, mindset mastery and spirituality with women just like you.

To be honest we need more women in the world empowering other women because the world has so many believing that their place is to be meek, quiet, go with the flow, don’t buck the rules kind of women.

I SEE you though and I know deep down you are not a go with the flow, don’t buck the rules kind of woman. You may have others fooled but not me. I know there is a Queen inside who is just begging to be unleashed. She is ready to take her throne and lead like the majestic woman that she knows she is. The only question is, will you let her out?

I ask this question all the time because I know, like I know, that you aren’t fully showing up like you really want to. I can say this because this is also my challenge to myself each day, to push myself to show up even more fully than I did the day before. Will you join me in this movement to EMPOWER HER so that we can lead the generation of young girls coming behind us? It’s time to show the world what a woman owning her Queen power really looks like.

We are to lead by example sharing our wisdom, skills and knowledge with the world! I stand in agreement with you and stand for you taking the authority that is yours to have.


P.S. ~ Ready to take back your power and walk in your authority? In my 7-week group coaching program Breakthrough Bootcamp we dig deep to uncover the limiting beliefs that have been programmed within you and create new beliefs that serve you loyally as the Queen that you are.

We tackle your resistance head on and get you into a place of flow so that you can show up in your business and life confidently. We do release work to help you let go of any stale emotional energy, experiences, and people who may have created a limiting imprint within you that keeps you playing small.

This program is all about self-discovery, renewing your mind with new beliefs that serve you, facing the resistance, an unproductive patterns that have been holding you back and not allowing you to fully play BIG in your business and life.

Over our 7- weeks together I will help you:

*Dig deep so you get crystal clear and intentional around the business and life you long for.
*Confront your inner-critic and really understanding exactly what it is that is holding you back.
*Identify your resistance and how it manifests itself in your business and life so that you can overcome it.
*Create the powerful habit of journaling your way to freedom and getting into true alignment with your vision.
*Release the fear, hurt and doubt that is keeping you from up leveling.
*Dive into your money mindset and beliefs around money causing you to unconsciously close yourself off to more so that you can then create more of it.
*Create your Purpose Plan and step into a no excuse attitude so that you can fully SHIFT into your desired reality.

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**Here’s how this will work**
*LIVE weekly trainings
*Weekly Q&A where you get to ask me anything and have me coach you around what you need.
* Downloadable worksheets.
* A private Facebook group where you can have a safe place to share, engage and be celebrated.
*Weekly meditations (just added)
*Journaling prompts throughout (just added)


• 30-minute Breakthrough & Alignment Session ($297 value)
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