Is there really any more room for you to doubt yourself even more? You are the CEO of your own business and while it is exciting to be your own boss it also comes with the amazing ability for you to automatically doubt most things that you say you want and desire for your business and life.

You want to impact millions with your message and help your clients receive transformative results in their business and life. You know that you have something of awesome value to provide to those who need you. Yet you may find yourself constantly doubting your skills, abilities and expertise.

You wonder if you are really good enough to bring your wildest dreams to life. You wonder what people closest to you will think or say about how you have decided to create income for yourself and forgo the comfortable route of securing a job that will pay you twice a month.

I always find it interesting that you had no problem coming up with creative solutions for your job. That you showed up fully for the vision and mission of your corporate job but yet you find it difficult to show up fully for your own vision and mission. You may have felt a bit uncomfortable but when you needed to ask for the sale, because it was month end, you did it with perfect precision and success. Yet you will hide securely in your shell when it comes time to ask for the sell for your very own creation.

Investing in your skill set was of course a no brainer because you wanted to ensure that you could command the highest dollar for your position. You were even willing to go into 5-figure debt in order to secure the degree that then gave you ‘permission’ to ask for more.

But now here you are running your own business and you find yourself doubting everything about yourself. Scared out of your mind that you may make a mistake or that people won’t like you. Scared to actually be your REAL self, now that you can be, because it may not be appropriate to do in your own business.
Not willing to invest in yourself or your business because that would mean that you would have to spend money upfront before actually realizing a profit in your own business and that just can’t be right, can it?

If there is ever a time for you to doubt yourself it’s when your crazy limiting beliefs pop up to try and hold you back from your greatness. It’s in those moments where you think maybe you aren’t good enough to be calling yourself an expert, coach, author, business woman, etc. These are the times that I want you to choose to doubt your limiting beliefs and choose to belief something other than what your monkey mind is trying to tell you.

Yes, I know it sounds crazy for me to tell you to doubt yourself but I am saying this in the context of you doubting the validity of any limiting beliefs or thought patterns that aren’t serving you. It is so vital for your success as a business woman for you to put your limiting beliefs on trial and actually rule them all guilty for trying to make you belief that you aren’t qualified to do exactly what you know in your heart you should be doing.

It is time to take inventory of all the stinking thinking that is going on within your mind and create new beliefs that will serve you fully in impacting the people that you are meant to serve.


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*Confront your inner-critic and really understanding exactly what it is that is holding you back.
*Identify your resistance and how it manifests itself in your business and life so that you can overcome it.
*Create the powerful habit of journaling your way to freedom and getting into true alignment with your vision.
*Release the fear, hurt and doubt that is keeping you from up leveling.
*Dive into your money mindset and beliefs around money causing you to unconsciously close yourself off to more so that you can then create more of it.
*Create your Purpose Plan and step into a no excuse attitude so that you can fully SHIFT into your desired reality.

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**Here’s how this will work**
*LIVE weekly trainings
*Weekly Q&A where you get to ask me anything and have me coach you around what you need.
* Downloadable worksheets.
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*Weekly meditations (just added)
*Journaling prompts throughout (just added)

• 30-minute Breakthrough & Alignment Session ($297 value)
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