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Over the past few weeks my back has been hurting so bad that it has brought me to tears and so I finally decided out of desperation to go see the chiropractor because this pain I definitely wasn’t willing to work with and the massage was great but it didn’t get to the root issue.

So I went in this morning scared, nervous wondering if I was going to walk out worse then what I came in. Well turns out it was exactly what I needed as my body was totally out of alignment causing my body to over compensate which resulted in pain.

So of course this made me think about how this whole experience ties into business.  If you have followed me for any length of time you know that I am all about following your heart and soul and showing up in business in a way that aligns perfectly for you. You see when you are aligned in your business things just seem to flow and it almost feels effortless. Very similar to how my neck and back feel right now, with more range of motion.

In what ways are you limiting your range of impact by choosing to put a band aid over the fact that you are not doing the aligned things in your business?  How many more people can you impact if you would address the root cause of your limiting beliefs and self-doubt?

When you are not in alignment with your core purpose it doesn’t feel good and eventually the symptoms of this misalignment show up in other areas of your life, not just in your business. Maybe you find yourself over compensating in other areas not allowing yourself to fulling show up in the way in which you are created to show up.

When I was talking to the doctor he told me that I am leaning to my left – away from the pain on my right – which was causing the whole left side of my body to be overloaded with more responsibility then it should be. The same applies to you my love. When you lean away from the work of facing your deep belief systems you cause other parts of yourself to be overloaded in a way that doesn’t serve you.

So you find yourself procrastinating, second guessing yourself and self-sabotaging your efforts because you are not aligned with your actions. Over time this causes you to heartache and leaves you playing small when deep inside you know that you are meant for more!

We tend to resist the very thing that we need to the most. I have spent years resisting the idea of going to see a chiropractor and if I would have just placed my fear aside a long time ago I would not have been in the excruciating pain that I have been in for the past 3 weeks.  So think about what you are resisting the most and challenge yourself to face into it and take the necessary action.

In the long run this will serve you immensely in your business as well as your life. Your outside will only change when you are willing and actually do the inner work that makes a true difference.  If you are not seeing the results that you desire to see in your business or if you are walking around frustrated wondering why you aren’t gaining momentum then take a look at what you KNOW you need to do yet aren’t doing.

You already know the answer because all of the answers to our questions lie within us, all you need to do is simply ask yourself – what do I know that I need to do. Don’t over analyze what comes up but instead write out everything that comes into your mind and then get to work creating a plan of action, no matter how scary it may seem.

This all really comes down to how bad you really desire to have the dream inside of you fulfilled. Is your dream worth the discomfort of confronting yourself?  Short term discomfort for a lifetime of soulful work sounds much better to me then you showing up in your business resentful and frustrated. I believe that this is one of the main reasons why so many businesses fail. People just refuse to face into their mindset and do the work that needs to be done in order for them to ascend to higher levels.

I want to encourage you today to look at all areas of your business and life and take note of the places where you aren’t showing up fully or where you are resisting certain actions.

Get into alignment with your actions and all other areas of your business and life will fall into place as well.



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