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During my walk this morning I found myself thinking ahead and feeling into what it is going to be like when I hit the level of achievement and increased visibility that I am looking for in my business over the next twelve months. It felt great visualizing and getting into the emotion of when I meet that part of my reality.

After a while I brought myself back into the now and started thinking about the activities that I get to do today that are going to definitely bring me even closer to that desired outcome. It occurred to me as well during this time why it is so important to bring out focus back into the now and make a decision on what to do with THIS very moment right here.

I understand the urgency in wanting to get to your next level of elevation and achievement. It’s what gets you up every single morning to hit the ground running with purpose. I get it. However I can see that you are driving yourself crazy sometimes trying to do the “thing” that you belief will provide the exact result that you are looking for. It’s like chasing a moving carrot around, you really never catch it. It seems like the more you move forward in pursuing a particular outcome the further away it gets.

Then you think well I’ll put a time frame on what I want and you choose to focus on that all day and you choose to operate from a space of doing ALL that you believe needs to be done in order for you to hit your target date precisely. I remember when I set the intention to leave corporate and be full-time in my business. I gave myself 57 days to manifest the perfect opportunity for me to walk away from corporate and into my dream life. The reality of it is I didn’t leave corporate in those 57 days, instead it took me 97 days!

However I learned along the path that I had to let of what I thought the outcome or time frame was going to be. I continued to keep my vibration aligned with what my intention was but I noticed that when I let go of the time frame and just showed up everyday things starting moving at a rapid pace and before I knew it I was packing up my office and walking out of my 8-5 and into my home office where I now sit typing this blog for you.

Listen I know that you want more clients, that you want more people to purchase your programs, that you want more people to know who you are and each day you are striving to get yourself out there so that you can be seen and heard by more people every day. I get that you are frustrated at times because you may not be seeing the equivalent amount of results that you think you should have based upon the amount of time you are investing.

You want success and you want to make the impact you know that you are destined to make however I see you placing all these expectations, and perfect outcomes and time lines on your journey that are frankly slowing you down. Please don’t misunderstand what I am saying, it is important for you to give yourself deadlines and have an idea of what you desire your results to be but you have to balance that with being open to things happening in way that you may never have anticipated.

Can you be willing to see things in a different way? Can you be willing to loosen your grip around what you think your outcome must be? Can you give sit back and quit eyeing your calendar and counting the days?  All of this does nothing to serve you in the long run. What it does do is create anxious, frustrated energy within you that closes you off to all of the amazing possibilities before you.

You are a creative being and you have the ability to create exactly what you want but if you are filled with tense, frustrated energy your level of creativity will be non-existent. So what I am saying is that it is so important for you to release and let go of how you think things should be and when you think they need to happen.

Get into agreement with the universe and choose to believe that the universe is supporting you and has your back.  Get into agreement with the universe by showing up every day doing what you feel called to you while releasing the need for an immediate result of some kind.

Oh and this is good, keep your eyes open to the clues that God will give you confirming that you are on the right track. See that’s the other thing you miss out on when you choose to be so clingy to your outcome, expectation and time frame, you lose the gift of confirmation along the journey. It’s so exciting to get those glimpse of our future reality and it keeps you going strong. Again you must be open and your head must be up looking for the signs.

Make a decision today that you will continue to set your intentions daily for what you desire in your business and life but then consciously let go and get into action doing the things that your soul leads you to do each day.  Listen within and ask yourself, “What do I need to do today to bring me closer to my vision?” Once you hear the answer, do it!!! Don’t question it or wonder if what you heard was the correct thing to do because it’s ALWAYS the right thing to do when it comes from within.




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