Can you honestly say that you are serving your soul purpose in your business? Do you DEEPLY believe that you are building your business from a place of soul alignment and soul purpose?

This is the question that I have been asking myself today and I want to ask you that same question.  I used to think of business as something that was very one dimensional where we looked at the market place for a problem, developed the solution and then sell it to our clients and as a result make money. Now, I understand that essentially this IS what it’s about however I don’t feel that it should be done at the expense of your soul. What I mean is, are you in business for yourself, solving the problems of your client but it isn’t really lighting you up on the inside?

You decided to get into business for yourself because you wanted to have the freedom to do things the way you want to, right? So then why would you go about creating programs and services that you don’t really feel connected to? It is such a disservice to your WHOLE purpose here to build a business that doesn’t really light you up inside but may be bringing in the money.

See I believe that we were all created for a purpose and that it is our job to tap into the well of gifts within us to figure out how we to bring our best self and our truest self into the world. I believe that when we operate from our soul and do the things which inspire us and speak to us that we can then have the impact that we are destined to have.

Do you feel like you are truly making the impact that you dream of a making? What is it that you are doing right now in your business that just doesn’t feel good to you, yet you are still doing it because you’ve been told you are SUPPOSED to do those things? You are more than capable of building and expanding your empire in a way that feels so good and aligned to your true self.

Yes, you can make money doing what you love. Yes, you can make an impact by showing up in a way that speaks to you. Stop taking yourself so seriously. The people that need you are waiting for the REAL you to stand up and shine her light so that they can find you. Everything that makes you who you are should be infused into your business. I don’t believe that business is to be black and white, I believe that you get to add some amazing color (your creativity) and that you get to color outside the lines and do things your way.

There are too many people right now in this online industry of coaching, mentoring, and speaking that are staying in their cute little boxes all buttoned up and comfortable but you my love were not created to be one of them. You were created to be bold, fierce and show up confidently in all your authenticity.

What would it mean for you to build a soul aligned empire? Have you even considered what that may look like for you?  Have you considered what your business would look like if you created your own rules?  I am willing to bet that the whole process would feel like flow and you would feel deep down fulfillment with what you are doing.

A part of getting yourself into your should aligned purpose work is doing the inner work to get yourself past all of the limiting beliefs that are holding you back and giving yourself permission to shine as the leader you are created to be. It’s digging deep and facing into the beliefs, patterns and ways of thinking that have put you inside of the box that you find yourself in right now.

It’s time for the REAL authentic version of you to be seen in your business. It’s time for your true voice to be heard because your TRIBE is waiting to hear from you. No need to be afraid if anyone will resonate with your true deep message because those who are supposed to will hear you and they will get it. It goes back to the fact that not everyone is for you and that is such an amazing blessing.

Your soul aligned business is within you waiting to be birthed. Are you going to continue to allow your fear to get in the way of your destiny? You were created and prepared for exactly the thing that you deeply desire to bring into this world.

In Ephesians 2:10 it says – For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

You see it says it right there you were CREATED for exactly the thing that longs to be unleashed within you. AND the beautiful thing is God has already prepared if for you in advance, meaning it is already done. Your soul aligned business is just waiting for you to step into it and own it. When you do, you will see why I believe it is imperative that we build businesses that align with our soul and our truest self because it’s then that we really show up as ourselves and have the greatest impact then if we stayed in our little boxes of “this is how you are supposed to do business.”

You can walk in your SOUL PURPOSE and operate from your SOUL PASSION giving you a business that is SOUL ALIGNED allowing to have MASSIVE impact.  Because at the end of the day you are in business to make an impact on people all over the world right? So OWN IT!

Ask yourself today how you can incorporate your SOUL into your business and what that will look like for YOU.



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