Your Raw Naked Soul

From the womb you came into this world full of life, purpose, passion, laughter, and a heart so big that people fell all over themselves just to be in your presence.

 You never questioned if you were safe, you never wondered how you would be taken care of. You came into this world trusting. As you got a little older you developed a trust within yourself that to others made you appear fearless. Your eyes were bright with curiosity and wonder.

 Often times you would pretend to be a writer, a teacher, a preacher, a fashion model and you never doubted that it could be real. When you wanted something you didn’t have any fear around asking for it. I mean you would ask for what you wanted repeatedly and with such conviction in the idea that you just HAD to have it.

 You gave yourself full on permission – well no you didn’t really need to that either, you just were. There was nothing hiding who you really were. You would dance around and not have a care in the world what you looked like. You would see other children and make fast friends, laughing and just having fun!

 You created clubs for girls only and not once did you compare yourself to those around you. You were so comfortable in your skin and fully embodied who you were.  You accepted yourself and you naturally loved who you were.


 You were told to quit being so loud, so silly, so distracted.  You were taught the “proper” way to behave when in public. You were scolded for your passionate emotions. You wanted to play and have fun with the “big” people in your life but you soon learned that they were too tired to play with you, that you were to shut up and sit down, to be seen but not heard.

 You received the look of shame or disappointment when you would express your creative side with how you dressed, the things you wrote, and the things you pretended to play. No, that’s not how you do things you were told. You would make the mistakes that kids make when they are learning and be disciplined and punished for them. You would sit and cry to yourself looking at your delicate red and bumpy skin telling yourself that you must do BETTER. Telling yourself that you are so bad.

 Or maybe you didn’t need to tell yourself that maybe the “big” people in your life did that for you. You wanted to protect yourself so you would get creative and keep things a secret because who wants to experience the pain of having the one you love so deeply hurt you. But you would get in trouble for that too. So you eventually learned that it’s just best to not say anything.

 You learned to tone down your passion, your laughter, your fun and only allow it so how when you felt really safe to do so.  Over time you forget the little girl that came into this world free and full of curiosity and passion. You “learn” how to be the good little girl that people expect you to be. You “learn” how to show up as they expect you to and you work really hard to make sure you don’t do anything to make them upset.

 As you grow into your teenage years other kids pick on you because you seem “different” and then you do everything you can here to try and fit in with the rest of the crowd. You tuck away that uniqueness about you so that you can be accepted into a world where you begin to think that maybe THEY know you better than you yourself.

 You carry this out into young adulthood. You go to college as expected, not once but twice. You land the fantastic career that “pays well” and you set out to do things that normal people do. Yet you always knew on some level that you were not NORMAL.

 It is no surprise that you begin to doubt yourself and stay in a space of indecisiveness because do you really trust yourself now to make the so called “right” decision. People begin to give you labels and you unconsciously internalize them and begin to act from that space. Over time you are miserable. Doing life in a way that literally hurts and makes you feel so trapped. You look around for the way out but people convince you that there isn’t a way out, this is just how it is.

 No, no, no this isn’t the way that it is supposed to be for you though is it?  Nope, you feel the tugging at your soul, that gnawing pain of your life being pulled from you as you try so desperately not to drown in the pool of normal. This is not how it was supposed to be for you. You slip into a space of hopelessness, pain, sadness, depression, anxiety.  You are fighting inside desperate to hold onto to any little piece of you that you recognize, you know she is in there.

 The pain becomes so unbearable that you are scared out of your mind what might happen next. You hear your soul crying, No!!! You finally snap out of it because the pain of staying in this unfamiliar space hurts more than just rebelling against everything that you have been taught to believe.

You know that it’s time to UNLEASH your soul and allow her to have her way.  You KNOW that this isn’t your life and that you are meant to lead a life of purpose and passion. You know that you are meant to impact the world like only you can. You realize your prayers to God have not been in vain. He allows you to feel this knowing at such a DEEP level that you can’t not step into the space of your knowing.

You know that there is no longer any room left for you to be ashamed of exposing your RAW NAKED SOUL.  You know that it’s time to share your story and that all along you have been in preparation for this very moment. You realize there is work to do to unlearn all of the ways in which you THOUGHT you were supposed to do this thing called life.

Allow me to celebrate this moment with you!!! I celebrate your beautiful soul today. I celebrate the woman within who is on fire and passionate about stepping into her calling. I celebrate the Divinity in you that you are so elegantly embracing each and every day. I celebrate the feminine power that is being unleashed with in you.



The Mindset Queen


Get ready to peel back the layers of your TRUEST SELF!

Time to do away with playing small in this game when you KNOW DEEP down that there is a beautiful passionate soul within. Maybe you aren’t sure how to unleash her but you’re over feeling out of place and you are ready to STEP INTO your greatness.

Join me for 7- Weeks of Empowered and Intentional Elevation To Get You Clear, On Purpose and Into Massive Action!!

It’s time to do the work that really matters, the inner work. The time is NOW!!! NO more waiting trying to figure out what to do. This is what you are meant to do.

Here are some of the things our 7-weeks together will cover:

  • Digging deep to get you crystal clear and intentional around the business and life you long for.
  • Confronting your inner-critic and really understanding exactly what it is that is holding you back.
  • A deep dive into identifying your resistance and how it manifests itself in your business and life.
  • The timeless practice of journaling your way to freedom and getting into true alignment with your vision.
  • Releasing the fear, hurt and doubt that is keeping you from up leveling.
  • A deep dive into your money mindset and beliefs around money causing you to unconsciously close yourself off to more.
  • And in the end we will pull it all together with your custom Purpose Plan and a no excuse attitude so that you can fully SHIFT into your desired reality.

Here’s how this will work:

*LIVE weekly training’s

*Weekly Q&A where you get to ask me anything and have me coach you around what you need.

* Downloadable worksheets.

* A private Facebook group where you can have a safe place to share, engage and be celebrated.



  • 30-minute Breakthrough & Alignment Session
    • This is all about you gorgeous. You and I working together 1:1 to get you past all of your internal BS that is keeping you stagnant and putting a plan together to get you into aligned action.
  • Morning Manifestation Guidebook
    • My most popular guidebook that walks you through creating an EPIC morning routine that will have you clear, confident and ready to take on the world.
  • Wake & Slay Training (1 hour training)
    • A companion to the guidebook where I personally walk you through why a set morning routine is so important to your success, how I came up with mine and how to literally wake up and slay your day.
  • Magnetic Boss Babe Training (2 hour training)
    • In this two-part training series I teach you the foundational principles that you MUST have in place and then choose to operate from every single day to attract exactly what you desire.
    • Learn how to literally attract into your business and life all that you desire and dream about. You get to receive it ALL without any of the false conditions that we tend to place on the things we desire.



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