Today I am having one of those days where I really don’t know what to say. I’m just sitting here staring at my computer asking God silently, what will you have me share today?

Of course all kinds of things are running through my mind so I thought I would just starting putting some words on paper and see what comes up.

Earlier today I spent two hours with five of the women in my small group at church and we are studying God’s word and the book by Joyce Meyer called Battlefield of The Mind. It’s a book that I have ready many years ago but it’s one of those timeless books that I believe will always be relevant.

I love studying and learning about our mind from a scientific stand point but I also love to learn how to use my mind in the best way to serve my purpose here on earth. Really this is why I am a Mindset Coach because I deeply understand the power that our mind has over the rise and/or fall of our lives.

I’ve definitely had my experiences where it seemed like I was being taken out by my own mind because of the thoughts I was having but I learned early in my adult life that I can really change anything I desire in my life if I will simply make the conscious decision to change my mind.

There is an immense amount of power in making a decision to change your mind around something that may be sucking the soul right out of you. You do realize that you have this power right? You have the power to discipline your mind to work in a way that will benefit you most.

I don’t really feel that most people really understand just how powerful they are. The thoughts that you have habitually around whether or not your business is going to succeed, worrying about HOW you will reach your income goal, trying to figure out HOW to get more visibility for your brand, doing everything that you can to gain engagement with your community – all of these thoughts can leave you feeling frustrated and depleted.

So why not simply make the choice right now that you already KNOW the answers and trust that you will always do exactly what you are meant to be doing. Why not go ahead and choose to exceed your income goals, why not make the choice to believe that you are reaching those whom you are supposed to reach.

I know, it sounds so simple right? I can see you mockingly telling yourself, sure I’ll just CHOOSE to think different thoughts and it will make it all better. Well, regardless of how you decide to approach what I am saying I know that by choosing to think about what we are thinking about and then making a conscious choice to discard those thoughts that are not serving us, we get to create businesses and lives that we are wildly in love with.

That’s what you really desire right? At the end of the day you simply want to be head-over-heels in love with your business and life. This would give you such an amazing sense of fulfillment. Well it all starts with your thoughts. It all begins with training your mind to serve you instead of destroy you.

Today it doesn’t take much to distract us, we live in a distracted society where many choose to allow their minds to just think whatever it chooses and then people wonder why certain things aren’t happening in their business and life like they want. Your mind is not focused, it’s off wandering around wondering about this, that and the other thing.

I challenge you to stop periodically throughout your day and document the thoughts that go through your mind. I think you will be surprised and maybe not surprised to find that your thinking needs an upgrade. I mean thing about when you are trying to release weight, what do you? You pay attention to what you are eating and in many instances you may even track what you eat. So it’s not such a weird thing to track what you are thinking about now is it?

I find that when I am struggling to gain clarity in any area of my business that if I just stop and think about the thoughts I have been having around that area I will immediately realize why I have been in such a state of confusion. Once I gain this awareness I can then choose to release those thoughts and think on the things that I really want and every time I find it’s not too long before I have amazing clarity around what it is that I need to do next.

We tend to have this idea that if we are hustling and bustling keeping ourselves busy that we are actually being productive but in reality this belief is simply an enemy to your productivity. You would be 10x more productive if you would chose to get still and allow yourself to get centered and organized around what it is that you REALLY need to be doing to move you forward.

Your mind will either help you reach success fast or it will keep you on that hamster will going in circles until you exhaust yourself and you burn out. Tend to your mind and your thoughts just as you do your body when you exercise it. You don’t expect to go to the gym for one day and have a toned body so you can’t expect that you can spend one day here and there tending to your mind and get amazing results in your business.

So choose today that you will think about what you are thinking about.

And to further imprint your commitment to this leave a comment below that says – Today I choose to think about what I am thinking about!

The Mindset Queen

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