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For a long time I’ve been too afraid to say this out loud, let alone post it for the world to see however I am doing it anyway because when you are a messenger your messages are meant to be shared. Enjoy!

I am no longer available to take on your emotional mess. I will listen to you, empathize with you, pray with you and for you but I will no longer “put” on your emotions and then try to carry them as my own. Sorry, not sorry!

Okay biz babes how many of you out there are allowing your precious energy to be depleted because you are choosing to put on the energy, emotion, mood, etc. of your clients, family, spouse, friend?

This week my body has been talking to me big time and I believe it is because for a long time I have literally put on the emotions and energies of others thinking that I was helping them, bearing the burden with them so to speak.

What I didn’t realize then and what I am coming into full realization of today is that I am very much an empath. I have always been told that I am TOO SENSITIVE, TOO EMOTIONAL, blah blah blah! And the earlier version of me listened to this and really tried to make adjustments accordingly so that others would feel more comfortable with my presence.

Since I am now full time in my business (yay) I get to invest more time into my mindset and working through my emotions and I have noticed that I have become even more sensitive to the energies of other people.

Not too long ago I was standing in line at Zoe’s waiting to place an order and this woman walked up behind me and I immediately felt her hurried, frustrated, oh my God will they hurry up energy and I literally wanted to get away from her fast. Instead though I stayed and made a conscious choice that I was going to repel her energy.

That moment sent bells off in my head and I tuned in even more when I would be out and sure enough I could literally feel the energy, mood and emotions of people that I interacted with or was near. Now you may be thinking this sounds a bit coo-coo however I am a firm believer in the fact that we are all simply energy vibrating at different frequencies and that some of us are just a bit more woke then others.

So today as I sat in meditation feeling pain in my lower back and shoulders I realized that the pain I was feeling was all of the pent up emotional energy that I have allowed to settle in my body without a way out.

You do realize that when you make the choice to not acknowledge and give a voice to your emotions that this energy must go somewhere, right? You do realize that when you choose to suppress your creativity you are literally poisoning yourself.

I learned growing up that emotional expression in the form of crying was seen as being weak. You weren’t supposed to allow anyone to see you cry because then they would have power over you. You weren’t supposed to express your emotions verbally because then people would think that you couldn’t handle the job, the marriage, the work, life, etc.

But here’s the thing, when we choose to not allow ourselves healthy self-expression we tend to express our emotions, feelings, moods, etc. in ways that are self-destructive and even destructive to those around us. We will numb ourselves with food, TV, alcohol and sex as a way to cope with our need to express.

We will get into relationships that don’t serve us because we desire connection and want to be heard so we cling to the first person who looks our way. We find ourselves depressed and anxious trying to medicate ourselves when what we really need is to express our creativity.

You and I were born as creative beings so to not be able to express ourselves is like holding shut a beautiful rose that is meant to bloom and share her light with the world. Well if we did that to the rose we would kill it. If we held a butterfly in the cocoon and didn’t allow it to push through we would kill it. So I ask you, what do you suppose is happening to your internal world when you allow the criticism of the world to shut you down?

This message seems to be taking on a life of its own, I know, but as my mentor Katrina Ruth says, I am going to just let the message be the message. I know that this message is definitely for someone even if it’s just me.

At the end of the day we all have to get better with taking responsibility for who we are and choosing to honor and accept the way that we are. You are not TOO much of anything. You are simply who you are. You are meant to shine your light so that others can be inspired to do the same. Imagine if we lived in a world where everyone felt accepted enough to shine their unique light.

And also as I stated in the beginning of this blog I am choosing to take responsibility for my creative and expressive emotions by being very protective of my own energy so as not to allow anyone else’s energy to penetrate my own.

I am no longer available and I will instead move forward doing the work that needs to be done to release the energies within me that are no longer mine to carry – and really weren’t mine to be carrying in the first place.

Whose energy have you been carrying? What do you need to release??

The Mindset Queen

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