It occurred to me last night how powerful being a decision maker really is.

I have known for quite some time that highly successful people (I am talking multi-six and seven figure earners) are amazing at making decisions and they make them quick.

Last night I had to call myself out on some areas in my life and business where I wasn’t fully making a decision.  I thought I had made the decision but I was simply just sitting in the middle not really choosing a side.

What I have realized is that if I remain lukewarm about an area in my life or business I tend to create stress, overwhelm and complete indecisiveness. Being a business owner leaves not room for indecisiveness nor anything that I listed above. 

It also really hit me hard that by me not making a decision on a few keys areas in my business and life I was opening myself up to call in people who were not fast decision makers and are chronically indecisive.

All of this lead me to a scripture in the Bible, Revelations 3:16 that states:

“Since you are lukewarm and neither hot nor cold, I am going to spit you out of my mouth.”

Listen if you will not make a decision about the kind of person you will be or the kind of business you will run then there isn’t any value in your or your business.  What good is lukewarm?  Do you want to have a business foundation that is lukewarm?  I should hope not because you will never know where it stands.

 I want to know where I stand and I want my community to know where I stand as well because it does not leave any room for questions.

 Here I thought all along I was decisive about what I wanted and really the only thing I was really decisive about is the fact that I do deeply desire to have a successful business where I can be used my God and where I can tap into my fullest potential each day.

 Yes, this I knew and no one could sway me from that decision yet I wasn’t hot nor cold when it came to WHO I wanted my clients to be. I wasn’t fully owning the fact that I desire to have a strong, lean, sexy body with lots of energy.

 I wasn’t fully owning the fact that I desire to build my business to six-figures in the next 12 months. I wasn’t fully owning that my business would have a spiritual foundation.

 All of these thoughts were swimming around in my head and I affirmed them every single day however I wasn’t fully stepping in to them. I wasn’t “hot” about my desires and because of such I have noticed over the last three weeks that my business activities haven’t felt fully aligned.

 What areas in your business and life aren’t feeling fully aligned for you. What I mean by that is what areas are not feeling like a complete “YES” to you and what areas are feeling like a complete “NO” to you. Take an inventory and be bold about striking through the things that are an absolute NO for you and commit yourself to those things that are an absolute YES for you.

 It really is that easy yet we make it so difficult because we are afraid of making the wrong decision. Here’s the thing gorgeous, if you will just be honest with yourself and decide from a place of power and authenticity you will never make the wrong decision.

 See we grow up being told that what we feel, dream, desire, etc. is wrong so it only makes sense then that when we are adults with our own free will we find ourselves waffling between what we really want because what if someone says we are wrong. 

 Here me clearly on this!!!!

 Only you know what is an absolute YES or an absolute NO for you. And further more your decision is only between you and God, that’s it!!

 So as I took inventory last night and this morning during my journaling session I realized exactly what my business will look like, who I will serve, what she is like and how I can help her.

 I also took inventory on the things involving my health and fitness that are an absolute NO for me and what is an absolute YES for me. I re-committed myself this morning to the kind of body that I affirm each day. 

 Of course the lower self will rise up and tell me how uncomfortable it is and how it doesn’t feel good however I have DECIDED to build a business and a life that is an absolute YES for me.

This being said I have decided that I will only be working with female entrepreneurs who meet the following criteria.

 1.) A service based female entrepreneurs who have been in business for 1-3 years and who KNOWS she is here to make a difference.

 2.) She has seen some success in her business however she is looking to really gain some momentum and break some barriers – income and personal.

 3.) She KNOWS on a deep level that she has a message to share with the world.

 4.) She KNOWS that she is here to impact millions and be a catalyst for change.

 5.) She FULLY believes that her business foundation must be built on God and His spiritual principles.

 6.) She is a quick decisive decision maker.

 7.) She is ready to up level her WHOLE entire existence.

 8.) She is ready to get out of her own way and step into the woman that she knows she is destined to be.

 9.) She has a mission and vision for her life and business.

 10.) She is ready to take action and do the work to face her fears, limiting beliefs, failures, etc.

 11.) She is ready to increase her confidence and self-worth.

 12.) She is already successful in her own right, highly educated, not afraid of work and she is ready to take massive action.

 13.) She is currently building her business while in a 9-5 or she is FT in her business. Regardless she is ready to up level.

 14.) She understands that personal development is at the core of developing and expanding her business.

 15.) She knows that it is an absolute YES for her to step into her purpose and she is ready to gain clarity around this.

 It is amazing what will come to you when you make a decision and choose to step into the woman that you are destined to be.

 You desire to be a biz babe who can create amazing value for her community and you know that all you need is within you already.

 My challenge for you is to DECIDE today who you will BE and how you will SHOW up for your Creator, yourself, your family and of course your business.



The Mindset Queen

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