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Today I went sat at the beach for about 10 minutes after my amazing HIIT workout. Something about being by the water that just calms me and helps me hear my inner voice and it’s the place where I feel most close to God at.  He and I have had many conversations at the beach. So today as I sat in stillness focusing on my breath and listening to the water lap up against the shore I immediately heard my inner voice say,


 I wasn’t surprised and at the same time I could completely feel this truth move powerfully through my body.

 I hear you say this often and I see you take action from this place as well. And I am not just saying all of this for your benefit but for mine as well because for a long time I operated from this place of fear.

 You get into this state of knowing that you are supposed to be doing more with your life and in your business and you may even have had some really great ideas pop into your mind but you quickly brush them off as just random thoughts.

 You tell yourself that there is no way that “that” could really happen. I mean who do you think you are to be able to pull that off?  Who would even be interested in that, you ask yourself? How would I even do that? Am I even qualified to do that?

 Understand that all of this is fear talking. It’s there to keep you safe from exposing yourself and then getting hurt because what if people think you are crazy right? What if people shake their head at you in annoyance like, here she goes again.

 Oh my gosh! What if I fail???

 Well then you think, if I fail then “they” must have been right and I can’t be proving them right so I’ll just stay right here where it’s safe. And then of course your ego chimes in to give you more fuel and fear to keep you “safe”

 I may look like a fool.

 People may not like me, they may unfriend me, and I will probably be misunderstood.

 Crazy thinking right?  Well you are not alone, at some point we all do it, that is until we realize that it’s a bunch of BS.

 So here is my question for you….

 Isn’t living your God given purpose WORTH it ALL??

 Regardless of what you do, there will still be people who won’t “get” you, there will still be people who think you are nuts.

 So then why not live your life like you truly desire to live it then??

 Your life IS your dream. You were not created to simply exist, like so many people in this world are doing, but instead you were created to thrive and be lit up by serving and walking in your God given purpose.

 If you are totally honest with yourself you would agree that like me you were born a creator with a deep soulful need to have an impact in a world with so much negativity, strife, and complacency.

 Be okay with not fitting the mold and the status quo of what “they” say should be done.

 Here’s what I want you to understand, your dream dies a slow painful death as does your soul if you choose to give into the fear of failing.

 I have decided to see failure as a gift, motivation and as confirmation that I am living and that I am on the right path. Failure is simply a course correction, that’s it!!

 So I’ll ask you again, isn’t your life WORTH your purpose? I mean you were created for a reason right?  So why are you settling for what you really don’t want??

 Why are you allowing the stagnant thoughts of “what if I fail” keep you from your destiny?

 Here’s a thought for you, if you decided to still play it safe and stay in your zone of comfort, so that you don’t fail, haven’t you still failed??

 I say yes, because by staying in that zone of comfort you don’t act on the desire that is within you and in my book that is failure. So really you have nothing to lose by GOING ALL IN for what you know you really want, to make an impact in this world, to touch the lives of the people who are for you, to wake up every day living your life with PURPOSE, to feel the amazing energy of purposeful living running through your veins.

 YES!!!! This is what it’s about. Purposeful living. Aligned living. Impactful living. Passionate living. AND the best part is when you step into your calling and build your business around this calling you get to make MONEY!!!!

 Oh my gosh, you get to do all that you were created for and also enjoy the fruits of your gifts by creating money so that you can then leave a legacy for your family.

 You get to live on even after your physical body has passed on from this physical world.

 Yes, that is what I am going for!!

 So bring on the side-eyes, the there she does again looks, the misunderstanding, the disbelief the unfriending, WHATEVER!!!

 Because you know what, you and I have a tribe of amazing souls who totally get where we are coming from who are looking for that person who gets who they are.

 So why not let that be you????



The Mindset Queen

Unleash the quiet confidence within

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