I had the most amazing experience in releasing all of the toxic crap within me that is not serving me. It all began with setting the intention and the rest flowed from there.

I am willing to bet that if you asked yourself, and if you were honest here, you would find that there is all kinds of undealt with crap within you that you have pushed down in an effort to preserve yourself.

It’s interesting to me because we think that by not addressing what’s within that we can just go on about or life and have the breakthroughs and up levels that we desire to have.

It doesn’t happen that way. The one thing I will say about this entrepreneurial journey is that it is very much a healing process and if you will allow it you will find that you can heal so much within you that is actually holding you back.

Are you even aware of what’s holding you back? Are you aware of the thoughts, beliefs and hurts that are keeping you stagnant? If you aren’t then I can guarantee you that you will not reach your fullest potential.

The other morning when I woke up I had my normal journal session where I write out my affirmations and say them to myself. I then got myself ready to head to a spin class. I was a bit nervous going to this class because I haven’t done a spin class in like 10 years but I remembered just how brutal they can be.

However regardless of this I still decided to go and I set the intention within that while I was there I would release any fear, guilt, feelings of unworthiness, any feelings of not knowing how to do this whole entrepreneur thing and to simply leave all of that crap swimming in my pool of sweat.  I envisioned myself walking out of the gym free, light as a bird with my God given power coursing all through my veins.

The class was insane (in a good way of course), I haven’t sweated that much in a very long time. As I was sprinting and digging deep into the resistance of the bike I kept repeating to myself that I was releasing it all and if felt so good that I wanted to scream. I actually think I did let out a bit of yelp while I was in there and I really didn’t care.

I was in my own world, in my own body, declaring with authority that any energy of fear, hurt, guilt, etc. would be release immediately. As the class came to a close I felt so amazing but I could tell that there was still some remnants of dull, power sucking energy within me.  At first I thought well it’s okay Kendra, this is simply going to be a process don’t get disappointed that all of it isn’t gone.

Once home I immediately jumped in the shower to get all of that sweat and dried stagnant energy from off my body and then I decided to meditate as I didn’t get to do that before I left for the gym.

I went in my closet with my fluffy blanket and got myself comfortable, chose a guided meditation and sank into my practice. About halfway through as I was saying the mantra I felt strong emotions rising up inside of me ready to bubble over like a pot of boiling water.  For a split second I thought about pushing it away but then I knew in that moment that it was time to release some more. 

The tears started burning my eye lids and I opened my eyes just a bit to allow the release of tears and it was like a flood gate of tears came pouring out of my eyes. My body shook at the pure force of emotion that was coming from my body. Tears poured out of my eyes, onto my checks, over my chin and spilled onto my chest and down my stomach to the floor. It felt like a waterfall of water was being poured over me.

It was the best release that I have ever experienced. Past pain, disbelief in myself, hurtful words of others, fear, anger, guilt, shame, loss, and anything else that needed to be released came pouring out of me. I let it flow and chose to speak out loud with all my power to God commanding that He pull it all out of me, commanding that He allow the chains of anything holding me back to be released. It all stopped for a moment as if subconsciously I was trying to still hold onto some and then the flood gates open again and I purged it from my body.

I was completely covered in the awareness and believe that we are WHOLE already.  There isn’t anything that you and I need to DO to prove that we are WHOLE and ready to walk in our destiny.  We were born whole and complete. In that moment I chose to deeply love and accept all that is me. I chose to feel the power pulsating within them and I chose to put it on and never take it off.

One thing I know for sure is that releasing the stagnant energy within, releasing the limiting beliefs within, releasing the behavior and habits that are not serving you any longer is a MUST if you want to live in your fullest potential.

Choose to not allow the shame and uncomfortableness of it all to stop you from experiencing the magic that is within you. I share this experience with you because I know now at an even deeper level that you are born for more, that you are here because you are supposed to make a difference. See I have always believed that I was created for more pretty much my whole life and I have spent the last 10 years or so peeling back the layers in order to get to my core layer of power. 

Setting your intention for what you desire is crucial. There are things within you that you KNOW need to be handled, dealt with and released but for whatever reason you are choosing to look everywhere else thinking that you need something outside of you in order to realize the greatness within you.  What you need is not without it is within.  Are you courageous enough to take the journey inward and face yourself so that you can finally step into your POWER, GREATNESS and AUTHORITY?




The Mindset Queen

Unleash the quiet confidence within


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