Sometimes when you are being called to go deeper it can be a really scary feeling. Not knowing exactly what that will look like or how it will manifest can create uncertainty within you that then leads you to keep playing small.

But you were not created to play small but to instead shine your light so bright that your tribe can’t help but notice you. There isn’t anything that you absolutely must DO when being called to go deeper except show up, yet that is the scariest part.

You fear people not understanding you and being different then what those close to you are used to. I get it, I’ve done it for most of my life. Where I would feel the call to rise higher but then look around me and think how uncomfortable I will make those around me so instead of rising to where I had been called I would not go quite as high so that those around me wouldn’t feel left out. This is allowing fear to rule you instead of love.

If you are ever going to unleash your full potential you have to be willing to risk your ego and be vulnerable enough to answer the calling that has been placed within you.

So what if those in business aren’t doing what you are being called to do, even more of a reason for you to do it. You were created with unique gifts and talents that no one else can even duplicate so you aren’t meant to blend in with the rest of the vanilla in the world. You are meant to stand out and be seen.

But maybe it is that you are afraid of being seen that holds you back. You don’t feel safe and secure enough within yourself to allow the world or your tribe to see the fullness of who you are. No permission is needed here, the only thing that is needed is for you to step into your power and courage and show up like the amazing badass that you know you are.

Or maybe you are thinking that if you step fulling into your power that people may perceive you as arrogant and lord knows you don’t want to be seen in this light, well my love it is none of your business how people perceive you. What is your business is being truly authentic to yourself and honoring the amazing business woman that you are so that you can serve the people whom you are meant to serve.

Your full potential is not found within the walls of normalcy. Your full potential is not found in playing it safe or toning down your greatness so that others can feel better about themselves. No your potential is unleashed when you begin to honor the voice within you that tells you to do the very thing that scares you to pieces.

What is the thing that scares you to pieces or that makes you a little nervous? Do that thing!! Your tribe is waiting for their leader to rise up, they are looking for you but as long as you continue to play it safe your people will not be served. Your purpose is bigger than you and to be honest with you it isn’t even about you. There is a bigger picture that God is looking to fulfill with you but if you continue to hide in your mind and not show up fully then you are taking the easy way out which will leave you always feeling less than.

There’s no need to question yourself or wonder if what you are feeling is the right thing because it is the right thing. Being the most successful version of yourself requires that you learn how to trust yourself and trust that which is inside of you. To trust that you DO know what’s best for you. To trust that you are always supported no matter what.

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