It's Now Or Never

Do you know what you want your life to be about?  Do you ever think about getting old and wondering if you will feel proud of yourself for the life you have lived?  For the lives that you were able to touch?  I think about this for sure and it is literally in my blood for me to make waves in this world.  To wake women up, one-by-one if I have to.  To wake them up to their true potential, purpose and power. 

Do you really believe that your life is meant to be as it now?  Do you really believe that you have reached your fullest and highest potential?  You feel the calling deep in your bones, the calling to be more, do more and have more.  To influence, reach and empower a world of women with your message.  It’s been inside of you all along. And for the longest you have allowed the concept of HOW to get in your way of doing what you feel called to do. 

You can’t figure out the whole picture so of course you don’t go all in because you have to know what all of the steps are.  You have to know the outcome for certain and what it looks like. You think that there is no way that you can step out and into all at you are without first having all of the pieces to the puzzle.  You have it backwards.  Yes, you are putting the pieces of a puzzle together however you don’t get to know what the picture looks like.  The more action you take the more pieces you get to add to your puzzle and the more you can actually begin seeing somewhat of a full picture.

You aren’t stuck because of something or someone, you are stuck because you don’t trust yourself enough to actually take action.  You don’t trust that God and the Universe have your back.  You don’t believe that you will actually be okay if you simply just showed up as ALL of you. You know your power, you can feel it and it honestly scares you a bit because you don’t know exactly HOW you should use it.  Well, what if you used your power one step at a time as the thought, inspiration, idea, etc. came to you?  What do you think would happen if you just took one inspired step at a time without doubting yourself or your abilities?

Don’t you see that what you have to offer this world is needed?  Your people are waiting for you.  They are waiting for you to step up and tell your story and help them get from where they are to where they want to be.  You are the only one that can do that.  Sure it may seem like everybody and their mama is a coach, mentor, author, speaker, etc.  however there is no one that has your story or experiences.  There isn’t anyone else that shares your exact same perspective on things.  There isn’t’ anyone who approaches things like you do.

You aren’t stuck my dear and if you are truly stuck then it’s your own damn fault.  Yup I said it!! It’s your own damn fault!! Maybe you are addicted to the emotion of, “I’m not enough” or “I don’t know how” or “What if I fail?” or “I am so stuck.”  Our minds are smarter then we give them credit for because while you continue to lie to yourself about your inadequacy, your subconscious mind is giving itself a high five because the more you sit without taking action and jumping out of your comfort zone the more your mind feeds you stories and illusions about why it’s safer for you to stay hidden and out of sight.

The reality that you see before you is one that you created.  However the good news is that you have the power to change it.  What if you simply stopped responding in the same ways in which you are used to responding?  What if you decided that from this point on you are going to pay close attention to your emotions and instead of simply allowing yourself to react from a space of automatic that you actually stop for a moment and choose a response that would actually serve you better? So for example, instead of beating yourself up when you see that you aren’t showing up like you want to in your life or business, choose to speak life and love over yourself while then moving along to take some sort of action. The key is in doing something, no matter how small it may be.

When you can get yourself back in action again you are more likely to stay in action.  In addition to getting yourself in action also know that this is how you build trust in yourself as well.  The more you show up for yourself and your business the more trust you will cultivate in yourself.  If you can keep getting back up and taking action you will eventually see that you do have what it takes because you will have proven it to yourself. 

This game of success is truly all about you and about you training your mind, doing the inner work and allowing yourself to be seen.  Success will never come to you if you believe that it’s outside of you, if you believe that a coach, mentor, or program is going to make you successful.  Nope it’s not going to happen. Only you can do that my love by using the tools, resources, wisdom and knowledge that coaches and mentors provide you.  Are you worth your time and effort?  Is your purpose work worth your time?  Are the people you are meant to help worth your time?  Let’s not get caught up in the logistics of it all, okay?  Just get up and do something. Make a decision that you are going to be consistent and disciplined and one day you will look up and realize that you have accomplished and/or exceeded your vision.

I really don’t want you to reach old age, without much life left in you, regretting that you didn’t go all in and show up for yourself.  The time is now!!


I love you,

The Mindset Queen 

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