Break The Chains

Being a woman is so fabulous! You have so much power coursing through you that could literally shake up your entire world and place you on the track that you have been dreaming of being on. Woman you are on fire, you can feel it I know. The burn of the fire licks at you daily trying to get your attention.

Trying to get you to see how beautifully powerful that you are. Yet you get stuck in the constructs of your mind, the mind that was constructed decades ago when you were but a little girl. And now as you have grown up, gotten yourself married and had a few kids and started building your empire, you wonder if this is it. Is this all there is to me and what I have to offer the world?

If you are being honest with yourself you KNOW that you have something deeper within you that wants to be unleashed and set free. You think about this everyday but that little programmed voice in your head says, “Now just who do you think you are to be wanting all of that?” And you concede and allow the persistent gnawing at your soul to go unheard. However you and I both know that this is making you miserable.

You are sitting in silence slowing dying, suffering and being tormented by what you know is your TRUTH. But I get it, it’s scary to think about unleashing “that” into the world. The thought of what will be said, the thought of what kind of woman people will then think that you are, the relationships that may crumble, the level of transparency and vulnerability you think is just too raw for you to take on.

The interesting thing about this is that you KNOW that if you will allow this inner badass to be seen by the world that there will be more of those who celebrate you versus those that don’t. You know that if you can simply just surrender and let go of all those beliefs that make you feel like you are stuck that your whole world would absolutely bloom into something magnificent.

Your soul mate clients and friends would draw near to you and wonder where the hell you have been all of their life. You will create a new reality for yourself, you know, the one that you journal about every single day!
Truth is you’re scared though. And fear can be a difficult prison to break free from especially when the guards (your beliefs) are so convincing of the danger you will face if you were to be exposed.

But I also wonder when the time will come when you say ENOUGH!! When you will finally have enough of the illusion that you have created for yourself. Do you realize that the world around you is an illusion of reality that you have created to protect yourself from fear, frustration, not being seen, or heard? I am so ready to see you fly and own your greatness, your power and your beauty.

My love you were created to share those amazing wonderful gifts that you are hiding inside of you. You were created with so much care and attention to detail. Let’s think about this for a moment YOU ARE THE PORTAL OF LIFE on this earth and as such you also get the power to TAKE THE LIFE of all those false belief systems, paradigms, insecurities, pain, hurt and all the ugliness that is trying to hold you back. You get to choose to create a new reality for yourself that serves you and the higher good of all those around you.

There is no need for you to seek validation of any other person on this earth. There is no need to believe that another person holds your key to success, love, happiness, money, etc. Yes there are people in this world (LIKE MEJ) who can help you recognize the ways in which you have been holding yourself back and pushing down your greatness but at the end of the day it is YOU that must do the work to nurture and bring to life that which is yours to create.

Being a woman is so fabulous and exhilarating, you have the power to literally change the trajectory of your lineage. You have the power to be the one who breaks the chain of false beliefs in your family and the power to then pass on this greatness to those whom you help in your business who then in turn will have the power to do the same in their world. I sometimes imagine what this world would be like if all of us women came together collectively, put our power together and owned the greatness within. Pure awesomeness!!

I believe in you so much, I know that your time is coming when you will unleash on the world and it’s going to be SO magnificent.

I love you,

The Mindset Queen ❤️

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