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Today I was reminded why it is so important that we focus on our healing work as we proceed on the journey of entrepreneurship. I read an amazing post by an amazing business coach that really stirred my soul and literally left me speechless. The post was about how healing our mother wounds is essential to the fulfillment of our purpose.

I went on to read an article about healing the mother wound and how the wounds manifest themselves in our daily lives when we leave them unattended. I’ve always known that doing the inner work is crucial in our growth and evolution as a woman but for whatever reason never connected the challenges that I faced in my life to the wounds that I held onto from childhood.

I remember clearly feeling like I was not good enough to have the dreams that I thought about on an almost daily basis.  Scared out of my mind to let my voice be heard for fear of being looked down upon like my voice didn’t matter.  I remember believing that in order for me to receive anything good in my life it meant that I had to prove myself worthy, which as I later learned is a never ending loop of self-sabotage.  Running myself ragged trying to make other people happy so that I could then feel worthy enough to receive and ask for what I wanted. 

I didn’t dare step outside of my little box of conformity and I was for sure going to check off all the boxes that the world said I needed to complete before I even dare think about doing anything I really wanted to do.  All of the self-sabotage, anxiety, sadness, hurt, frustration, depression, numbing, victim mindset and loathing all came as a result of me not facing the pain and hurt within me.

I could not figure out for the life of me why life seemed so hard, why I couldn’t seem to follow through on anything and actually finish what I started it. It would be so frustrating and then I walk around wondering what the hell was wrong with me.  Why couldn’t I simply fulfill and answer the calling that was constantly tugging at me on the inside?  As much as I would want to throw my hands up and just concede to the fact that maybe I wasn’t meant to do all the things that I thought were real desires within me there was always this thing within me that just wouldn’t allow me to give up.

After a while the pain came to be too much for me to bear. I was depressed most of the time, crying often and just not in a very good place emotionally and not to mention I had just given birth to a beautiful baby girl and I knew that if I was going to be the first example of what it is to be a woman I had to get my shit together.  I had so much pain within me and wounds that needed to be healed from my relationship with my mother that it was beginning to slowing eat me alive. 

I was not able to go any further in discovering my purpose until I addressed my hurt.  Looking back on this time I am grateful for the pain because it caused me to seek out the help that I needed which was literally the catalyst for me tapping into my purpose.  It was what brought me to the study of the mind and it was my first introduction to knowing and understanding the role of the subconscious mind. It was during this time that I discovered the healing powers of meditation and how to start the process of rewiring my mind with beliefs that served my higher purpose.

As I did my work to heal the wounds I came to a place of compassion, understanding and ultimately forgiveness.  I forgave myself for the ways in which I sabotaged myself and I forgave my mom for the pain and wounds that were created as a result of our not so good relationship throughout the years.  This whole process began about eight years ago and to this day there is still work that I continue to do on myself that continues to evolve me into the woman that I was brought into this world to be.

Our lack of success, the reason why we unknowingly sabotage yourself, the reason why we feel like we have to wear a mask and hide our truest self all leads back to wounds within us that need to be healed and addressed. I believe that all of our challenges, frustrations, stop and go success in life and business, our money issues, relationship issues, body issues, lack of belief in our abilities, walking around in victim mindset, etc. are our inner wisdom’s way of trying to get our attention letting us know that we need to address and heal something within.

Here is what I know for sure, the extent to how deep we go with healing ourselves and working on our inner game is the extent to which we will be successful in business and life.  Your business is simply an extension of you, your business flows through you and as such all of the energetic debris of your wounds, pain, hurt, etc. are then found within the remnants of the work you produce, the way you show up in your business and in the type of clients you attract.  So in order to show up as the best and most vibrant version of yourself it’s a non-negotiable thing to work on up leveling your inner game. I believe it is an absolute MUST!!!

The work is never done because as you do the work you begin to pull away and discard all of your old belief systems and ways of thinking which just makes way for new layers to be discovered. Working on self is like peeling the layers of an onion. Each new layer you pull away allows you to up level, it’s a continuous process.  We are nothing but spirits here on earth having a life experience in a human body – a human body that is wired for survival that will protect you at all costs.  It’s our divine task to continually work on ourselves so that we can operate from our truest self which is tapped into our soul.

The message – do the inner work and heal your wounds in order to transform into your truest self and show up in an unfiltered vibrant way.


Never. Settle.

I Love You,


The Mindset Queen

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