You aren’t reaching the levels in your life and business that you long to reach because you keep listening to and believing the lies that float through your mind. Every single day you wake up with the knowledge and regret that you aren’t living your life like you know, deep down, you are meant to live it.

You have known for quite some time, more than likely your whole life that you are meant to have a huge impact on this world.  That you are meant to transform your life and the lives of many others.  You have a mission to fulfill and the only way it’s going to happen is if you decide that you are going to no longer believe and live by the embedded beliefs that are not serving you.

You are powerful woman! More powerful than you even realize and I think you may be just a little afraid to fully step in to this power because you aren’t sure that you can handle it.  Your mind says, “what if you can’t handle it?” “Your friends and family are going to think you are being arrogant.” “Who do you think you are anyway?” “What if someone challenges you, what will you say?”

Our subconscious is so powerful but when you become aware of how you are holding yourself back and then make the decision to change this behavior, NO MATTER WHAT, you begin to align with your purpose.  All the limiting beliefs that you are operating from today were embedded within you as you grew up and that’s not your fault.  However it is your fault if you decide to stay this way instead of evolving into the badass business babe that you already know you are.

Do you ever ask yourself what it is that you really believe?  Do you ever fully digest and recognize what it is that you really want?  How you really want to feel each day?  How you want to be showing up each day?  These are just some questions to get you started in the process. I have found that when I go back to questions such as these it very quickly gets me back focused on what action I need to be taking every day. 

This journey to self is a forever ongoing journey however please know that it is all worth it.  You are worth it and the people whom you are meant to serve need you to keep tapping into self every single day so that out of this will flow your life’s work. I believe each day is a test in self-mastery.  The more you get up each day and show up like you mean it, the easier it gets.

Remember that if you want to start seeing and feeling serious shifts in your business and life you’re going to have to go within and tap into those long standing beliefs that are holding you hostage.  Those beliefs that tell you money equals struggle, money is limited, you must work extremely hard to deserve to be, do and have what you dream about. Continuing to allow these beliefs to rule you while consciously working to be better creates confusion for you, overwhelm, frustration and disbelief.


Because your conscious mind and subconscious mind are not in alignment. Instead they are fighting again each other.  It’s that constant push pull that you feel on an almost daily basis. Listen.  This is why it’s so important to always do your mindset work daily so that you continually keep bringing your subconscious mind back into alignment with what your conscious mind desires.

You not paying attention to your subconscious mind is quite frankly a recipe for disaster.  Trying to accomplish all that you desire through willing your conscious mind into action will only lead to burnout, stress and straight up resistance.

So I leave you with only one thing to consider and to work on every single day. As you consciously decide that you really do want to have, be and do all that you dream about remember to bring your subconscious mind to the party by continually reminding it of the beliefs that you are choosing to live your life by.  This practice will never stop because as you continue to up level you will uncover other hidden limiting beliefs that you didn’t even know were operating in the background.



I Love You,


The Mindset Queen

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