You just can’t seem to make this easy can you.  It being hard has totally become a way of life for you and you have grown quite accustomed to it.  I mean if business and life isn’t hard then it’s not really worth it, right?  I know right, it sounds kind of stupid when you say it that way yet so many of us (including this boss babe right here from time to time) make this whole idea of business seem so freaking hard.  I shake my head sometimes at myself because I know deep in my core that I’ve got this and that I can do this yet I allow the damn thoughts, beliefs and self-doubt to creep in and then those bi*ches hold me hostage.  Well at least this is how it feel to me when I am in it. 

You and I are so amazing at what we do, we are true creators, visionaries, amazing communicators, leaders, boss babes all of that good stuff however you allow yourself to slip into the “it’s hard” mindset far too often and you freaking stay there too long.  At what point will it be enough?  At what point will you finally say f**k this shit and set your mind on making this thing easy.  Trusting yourself.  Opening yourself up to receive all the goodness that is yours.  Taking action from intuition instead of trying to logically plot out your next move.

I hope you will join me because sister I am done.  It’s exhausting the whole back and forth of it all. One day you are completely all in confident and the next day you are losing your mind because your latest launch didn’t turn out the way you thought it would.  Then you go and make it worse by looking at all the million other boss babes online and obsess about how they have it all together.  About how their graphics are so pretty.  And that of course they are successful because they have a whole team behind them.  Wah!!! Wah!! Wah!!

Let’s you and I get over ourselves here and just freaking decide that we are already one of the great ones and then act from that place of confidence.  Because baby acting from desperation, fear and self-doubt is just wasting way too much energy that could be put into creating the empire that you ultimately envision yourself running one day.  And here’s the thing while you are over there looking at Suzie Q’s website, Facebook page, etc. she’s making moves and meanwhile you’re just sitting there having a little pity party doing absolutely nothing.

Now I know this may be a little harsh and in your face but you know what, sometimes this is exactly what we need to get our butts into gear and into action.  This is the journey my love and I am completely confident of the fact that if you just keep taking steps one day at a time you will reach your goals. 

Your mindset and how you choose to frame your experiences around you are going to totally determine how quickly you start seeing results.  Keeping your head in the game is a daily process of reminding yourself (in each moment) that you can do this, that you are successful and that you have created an amazing community that buys from you on repeat.  To me it’s almost like a game, the more we are sent lessons to learn the more we get to practice and master our minds and emotions.  Literally keep score throughout your day and at the end of the day see who won, you or the universe.

I know that success is mine and I ultimately desire for you too to have success as well because it is already yours.  Forget the lies that you have learned to live your life by.  The belief that working hard and stressing yourself out is the only way to make strides.  The belief that only certain individuals in this world get to be rich and others unfortunately have to work with what’s left.   The belief that what’s inside of you can’t be turned into a business.  The belief that the only way to make it in this world is to get a college education and work your way up the corporate career later (complete BS).

I know it can be totally scary letting go of beliefs that have been literally programmed into your mind but the thing is you aren’t going to die by deciding to create new beliefs for yourself that fully support your higher good. It is our duty here on earth to tap into and develop the gifts that we have been given so that we can then fulfill our assignment here.  I sometimes imagine what it might be like when my time here on earth ends and I am waiting in line as I overhear my creator telling his children that he loves them so much but that they didn’t complete their assignment.  Now before you get all worked up and tell me this is crazy it’s just a scenario that plays in my head when I find myself being held hostage by fear, doubt and uncertainty.

So again let’s you and I decide right NOW that we are going to show up like we mean it in our businesses and in our life.  At the end of the day what do we really have to lose.  We are going to be safe and secure no matter what (at least that’s what I am choosing to believe).  Your circumstances in front of you may not look good but each new day decide to see them as your test and tap into your resource (you) to learn and conquer the lesson.

You got this!!


Never. Settle

I Love You,


The Mindset Queen

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