Each new day is a new beginning.  Yesterday you were freaking out about how you simply want to unleash your message and live into your calling.  You were feeling trapped, anxious and a little scared that maybe what you believe to be inside of you is fake.  You were feeling like everyone around you just had no freaking clue about the torment that takes place inside of you when you feel like you can’t unleash your truth.  So you sulked, you cried, skipped your exercise routine, ate some ice cream and numbed yourself out with a movie or something else knowing the whole time that you’re freaking sabotaging yourself but you didn’t care.  The false sense of safety that comes from giving into the self-sabotaging behavior can be addictive and it’s a vicious and dangerous cycle to be in if you aren’t careful.

As a creator, visionary, leader and born wanderer it can seem like you are being strangled and dying a slow death when you “feel” like you aren’t able to just live into your purpose and unleash your message to the world.  You easily become this moody sort of bitch towards those around you because how dare they not understand the importance of your passion, dream, calling, etc.  How dare they tell you to just relax and know that everything is going to be okay!! It’s infuriating and enough to make you want to scream and say f**ck the whole world!! Yes, I get it and I can truthfully say ALL of this because this can be me on many occasions.  Feeling like no one understands how lonely and tormenting it feels to want to unleash your truth and live into your dream but you have to be stuck doing normal people stuff. Blah!!

However there is beauty in all this madness and there are so many wonderful lessons to be learned as well.  I love how my mentor says that we “get” to learn new lessons and insights each day; it’s a privilege to be able to observe the beautiful in all of the chaotic, passionate, messy, unorganized, environment of our soul. It’s complete beauty and we get to feel it, live it and be a beacon of light for those other beautiful creative souls in the world who think something must be wrong with them because they have all this unbridled passion within them. 

You remember what it was like long before you harnessed the passion, the message and the art within you.  It almost felt like you would go a little crazy in the head and for me I definitely had those moments (and sometimes still do honestly) where I think what the hell am I supposed to do with all of this, it doesn’t make sense, why can’t I just be like the everyday “normal” person who is simply content with the same, same, same every day. I then remember that many years ago I chose to tap into what was inside and in doing such I woke up the beautiful sleeping soul inside of me that demands to be seen and heard in the most gentle goddess like way.  Pure beauty!

When you have one of those moments when all that is within you gets a bit tangled up, wild and obsessive about being unleashed allow it to flow.  And if you succumb to the madness and chose to hide by sabotaging yourself choose to wake up to a new day, be gentle and compassionate about what you chose the day before and know that you get to start all over again today.  Each day is a new beginning.  Each day you get to re-commit to your passion and unleash all that is you.  Choose to not hide all that is within you, even the stuff that’s not so attractive because this is what makes you, you and it allows you to call in your soul mate tribe of beautiful souls who are searching for their soul mate leader.  It’s comforting to know that there are others out there who totally get you and who resonate with your daily journey.

Once you start unleashing your truth there is no turning back.  Your soul has experienced the freedom of light and she will be heard.  Trying to push her down or filter what has to be said is just destructive to your soul and it just doesn’t feel good.  So I don’t know exactly what you will take from this message and I feel like I have just rambled on for several hundred words J  but I am trusting that those who need to read this will read this and it will be the confirmation that you have been asking for. 

I invite you to embody the belief that business can be easy, fun and flowy if you will simply choose to show up each day just as you are.  This is a belief that I literally, at some point in the day, repeat to myself.  We’ve all been conditioned at some point in our lives that we have to be a certain way in order to get a particular outcome but let’s really consider how crazy this idea is for a moment when we have all been created (not made) by the ultimate creator.  How boring would the world be if we all were cookie-cutter robots functioning with the same operating system, talking the same, dressing the same and expressing ourselves the same.  Ughh!! This world would be such a boring ass place to live.  But just like each snowflake is different so are you my love, embrace it, celebrate it and Be it!!

I Love You!


Never. Settle.


The Mindset Queen

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