Get Out of The Gap and Be The Light

There is only one answer to your success or to your failure in business and life.  You can stop wondering if it’s this or if it’s that.  You can stop trying to figure out why this isn’t working and why it seems like everyone else is moving forward and you’re not.  It’s really very simple but for some reason you find some comfort in making this really hard.

You think that if you make this hard you will have major justification for why you made it. As if you really need to justify your success.  You see the problem is that somewhere within you you are having a hard time receiving that you can be successful and a hard time even actually receiving success.

So is it any wonder why there seems to be this wall within you that you can’t seem to breakthrough?  That wall that is within you that always seems to defeat you is nothing but a made up fictional wall that you have allowed to get thicker and thicker because a part of you believes what it stands for.  Yeah you get knocked down and you keep getting back up but when you get back up you are still in this place.  The wall defeats you every single time and it will continue to defeat you until you decide to get out of the gap and choose a side.

You know the gap I am referring to, the gap of indecision. The gap of unbelief.  The gap of no discipline.  The gap where you have a lack of trust in yourself and in your creator.  The gap that keeps you right where you are now and afraid to fully step into your greatness and power. I believe that the majority of the world lives in this gap.  This gap is so comfortable it can really make you belief that you are stepping out of your comfort zone at times, it can make you believe that you are giving it all you got, and it can make you believe that you are making progress.  It’s all an illusion and I know that deep down you know this. 

You have a choice to make, you can either stay in this gap of illusion or you can simply decide which side of life you are going to play in. One side (we will call this side A) is the life of average, ordinary, status quo, safe, comfortable, etc. and the other side (we will call this side B) is excellence, extraordinary, vulnerable, unguarded, constantly pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone, living life by your own rules, fully stepping into and harnessing the power that is inside of you, etc.  There is nothing in the gap but double mindedness, constant questioning, and nothingness.

I believe that we all have the responsibility and obligation to figure out what our assignment is here in this world. I believe that we are to grow ourselves and to everyday strip away the layers so that we get to expose even more of our truest self to the world.  When we allow ourselves to remain in the gap of illusion we are simply choosing to just exist because at least if you decide to live our life with side A you’ve made a choice right and it’s one that you can consciously say that you fit in to.  But for you side A isn’t going to cut it.

The constant tugging at your soul for more just won’t rest.  It will keep coming after you until you decide to step into all that you are and feed your soul what it desires to have.  I know you have tried to stuff it down for years because it is so different then what your side A counterparts understand. Even when you have tried to express your soul desires to those around you, you get this confused look like you have three heads or something. And then what do you do?  You push it down and think to yourself that maybe these thoughts and desires are just some made up fantasy that you have conjured up.

You honestly think that something is wrong with you because you don’t have the normal desires, wants and dreams. No your dreams and desires are HUGE and will require much of you.  You almost feel kind of lonely because there aren’t too many people who you feel truly get you.  You were born for side B and because you know this deep down you have allowed yourself to live in the gap of illusion for far too long.  You can’t bring yourself to fully commit to living the side A way of life but you are also scared of living the side B way of life as well.

This message right here is to wake you up to the realization that your business and life will NOT progress forward until you fully own and commit to living your life like you know it is meant to be lived.  Stop dimming your light gorgeous because you think it will blind those around you.  Yes, it will blind some but for those who are awake to the possibilities in life will see you.  And it will give them permission to let their light shine as well.  You and I are like lighthouses to those in the world trying to figure out how to escape side A or how to escape this gap of illusion.

As soon as you commit to side A you are lighting the way for those who see you to find their path as well so that they can then light the way for those looking to them.  Wow, how amazing would it be if we all allowed our lights to shine bright, I believe we would free so many beautiful souls from the darkness of the gap.

Where are you lighthouses??

Remember ~



The Mindset Queen

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