Client ResultsDo you wonder if you really can get your clients amazing transformative results.  When you first started your business you had no doubt but now for some reason you secretly wonder if you really have what it takes.

You feel like a fraud sometimes because you are still working on yourself while at the same time promoting that you can help other people get results in their business or life.  There’s a part of you that thinks in order for you to be worthy of selling your services you have to have all of your stuff together. 

This just isn’t true.  Now I am not saying that you can be a complete mess and not do your own work and think that it’s cool to try and sell what you your self aren’t even doing.  You do have to walk you talk.

What I am saying is that you will always be growing and ascending to higher levels if you are doing your work.  So instead of focusing on getting to a certain level before you put yourself out there, move now and create the visibility that you need in order to grow your business.

I used to worry as well that I wouldn’t be able to get my clients the results that I was selling.  I would be so afraid that they wouldn’t get the transformation that I was hoping for.  I would get so irritated when I would tell a client something that she needed to do and instead of her doing it she would just hide out on me.  And then I would think that it was my fault,  that I couldn’t get the results for my client that I really wanted.

There were a few things that came to my attention that really made me realize that yes I can get my client the results that she needs.  I started to understand my role as a mentor and coach.  I started to trust myself and look at the results that I was getting for myself. 

Maybe you are at this place where you are terrified deep down that you won’t get your client the results that you want to.  This belief will for sure hinder your progress and you will actually sabotage yourself right out of any success that you desire.

I want to share with you a few things to consider that will help you navigate this fear that most entrepreneurs face especially when they are first starting out.

Here’s what I want you to know:

1) You must learn how to trust yourself.

2) You must do your own inner work every single day!

3) As a coach/mentor it is not your role to make your client do anything.  It is your responsibility to help and show your client what they need to be doing to create the change that they desire.

4) You are not responsible for the results of your client if they are not doing the work.

The four statements above really help me put things in perspective when I feel myself worrying about the type of results that my client will get. 

I say this often but it’s worth saying again, you are not for everyone so there will be those who simply don’t resonate or follow through with what you recommend and while it’s frustrating it’s important to know that you are not for everyone.

The person whom you are meant to help is simply an earlier version of you.  So don’t dwell on the idea of who your ideal client is, instead look at who you were 6 months, 1 year, and 2 years ago and simply talk to her.  Create products and services that the earlier version of you needed.  We are all on a journey and some people are not at the same place in their journey as you are.  That’s where you can come in and help them get to where they want to be quicker than they can by themselves.

You get your clients amazing results! You know this and so do I. I felt like someone needed this reminder today because at times entrepreneurship can be real stressful and make you feel like you are all alone. 

Get up and go slay your day knowing that you get your client’s amazing results.

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