Your Gifts Are WaitingI literally look for the lesson in every situation in my life.  It’s a habit that I learned about over a decade ago.  Whenever something good or bad happens in my business or life I immediately ask myself and God – “Okay what’s the lesson here? What is it that I need to learn?” 

Although I have this habit it doesn’t mean that I always learn the lesson the first time. 🙂 You know what I mean, we all have those things in our lives where we knew better than to do such and such but somehow we still did it thinking we were going to get a different result.  We can be so silly sometimes.

The latest lesson I learned oddly came from a decision I made this past Thursday around my hair. Hang with me here because I promise there is a golden nugget of wisdom here if you’ll give yourself permission to receive it.

Exactly one year ago I was fired from a really good position (salary wise) for reasons I don’t fully understand but have chosen to release.   Anyway after that happened I actually felt really free and I decided that I was no longer going to put chemicals in my hair in order for it to be sleek and straight.  I decided that I was going to go natural.

The transition began and if you don’t know this, transitioning from hair that’s been relaxed to one’s own curly texture takes a long time.  For the past year I have been getting my hair done about every six weeks and having my hair stylist do my hair in a protective style, meaning she braids my real hair up and then I would wear braids or crochet hair giving my hair the opportunity to grow unbothered.

This past Thursday it was time for me to go back in to see her and oddly enough I had some things go down and I didn’t get to the hair supply store to get the hair that I needed.  It was in that moment that I decided I would wear my natural hair.  Ladies I know you feel me on this,  I was nervous about this but I decided I was going to trust myself and do what my heart really wanted to do (business nugget there – trust yourself and allow your heart to lead).

I showed up for my appointment on Thursday ready to embrace my au natural however a little nervous as well.  As my hair stylist started working my hair, I wondered exactly how my hair was really going to look. Was it going to be difficult to maintain. Was I going to look crazy?  Were people going to look at me funny? These same thoughts go through your head as an entrepreneur as well.  At the end of the day it comes down to us learning how to TRUST ourselves and TRUST that inner voice.

Instead of dwelling on these thoughts I allowed them to come up and then fade away continuously affirming positive thoughts.  Telling myself that I will be just as beautiful with my natural hair as I did with my crocheted hair.  Telling myself how proud I was of myself for going with my gut and trusting myself.  Telling myself how exciting this was going to be.

In the end my hair came out more beautiful than I could ever imagine.  I knew that it would curl nice from the few strands that I noticed along my journey but what my whole head was going to look like still left me wondering.  As she finished up my hair and the ladies gave me such great complements I realized that I always had beautiful natural curly hair that I was covering up for years because I thought wearing my natural hair would be complicated, hard to maintain, and that people wouldn’t accept this part of me.

On the drive home I wondered how many of us never see the fulfillment of our natural gifts, talents, abilities, beauty, etc. because we are too scared to let them be seen.  What are you holding back on?  What is it that you want to do in your business and/or life that you feel like others would judge you for?  What are you not doing, speaking, and selling because you are afraid of not being accepted? 

We have all been gifted with so much potential and beauty inside of us and it’s our job to pull that good stuff out.  How do you do this?  You trust yourself and follow your heart. It may not look how you thought it was going to look when you get started but if you keep moving forward and lifting the layers your will reveal beauty within yourself that you never knew existed.

Want to believe in yourself more?  Then trust yourself more.  Want to feel like you are good enough?  Then make the choice today to trust yourself, listen to your inner voice, follow your gut and affirm to yourself that you are safe.  Affirm to yourself that everything always works out for your good.  Affirm to yourself that that answer is always before you even if you can’t see it right now.

You are beautiful!

You are enough!

You are talented!

You are great at what you do?

You provide an amazing service that helps people all over the world!

You are gifted, smart and wise beyond your knowledge!

You are always supported by Universe, God, whatever you believe.

I believe in you and now it’s time to believe enough in yourself that you will take immediate action in the direction of your dreams.

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