You will be heard.

What you have to say is important, not just to those who need to hear it but also for yourself as well.

You have such a powerful message to unleash on the world and you can literally feel it coursing through your veins ready to be unleashed.

Sometimes that message is pretty clear and other times it’s like you need to deliberately sit back and tune in to pull together all the pieces so that you can articulate what you need to say.

You message is important as it was given to you to bless the world with.

It is your responsibility to let it out.

The interesting thing about this wonderful message of yours is that there are moments when you are so inspired it feels like you might burst.

And at times when you feel like you can’t unleash what’s inside of you, you can feel the monster inside starting to rise up.

You get frustrated, snappy, pissed off and have a leave me the hell alone attitude, right?

It’s like you are turning into the incredible hulk, except of course a girl version.

You are one of those people that knows for sure that God placed something special inside of you, something that people all over the world are supposed to hear.

Yet on many days you find yourself sputtering around like a fish flopping without water trying to pull together all the thoughts, ideas, emotions and words in place so that you can simply write them out or at least live stream about them to where they make sense.

But then let’s be real, you really don’t care if they make sense, as long as they make sense to you right?

Because the beauty of being able to unleash all the is inside you no matter how messy it is can be those people who totally resonate with you will get it too.

Every now and then you experience the feeling of what it’s it like to just flow from your power and it feels so good. Sometimes your conscious mind is like what the hell, can I keep going like this.

But then you talk yourself out of it telling yourself that you need to reel yourself back in and calm down which then totally takes you out of the flow of who you are.

This power that you feel inside of you and many times get to experience is so powerful that it scares you sometimes. Because let’s be real, you know that this power you have has the potential to change your world and flip it upside down.

And really you wonder, “Am I ready for this?”  “Am I ready for my world to be turned upside down?”

The answer is always yes but I totally get how scary it is when you have built yourself up from the blueprint of what every other ‘average’ person says you should be.

It’s like you are being introduced to this new you and while it’s freaking amazing and awesome you don’t fully trust this your yet.

Listen boss babe, give into her. Give into the wild queen within you and take charge like you already know you are supposed to do.

Right now, as you read this, go ahead and give yourself permission to be the wild, crazy, free, unapologetic and sometimes controversial woman that you are at your core.

Tell the rest of the world who don’t get it to f*uck off and leave you alone.

Yeah, you get to do that.

You get to unleash the beautiful nature within and feel safe knowing that there are other women in this world out there just like you who will honor you for stepping into your power.

And even better those women who haven’t fully evolved into their true self will feel empowered to step into their God given power and rule the world like they are meant to.

You are confident, sure of yourself, and you know at your core that you are a powerful queen who can affect change and impact thousands of lives.

Write new beliefs and stories for yourself that support this queen in you and never apologize for the rareness of your beautiful gifts.

Every woman doesn’t have what you have.

Every woman doesn’t have the tenacity to spring back like you do when life tries to take you out.

Every woman is not strong minded enough to stand for what she believes in so much that she is willing to stand alone if need be.

Know that I honor you and I am standing right beside you supporting you in this amazing journey we get to take here on earth.

So let your fire be seen and be proud of it. There is a flame within you that really never dies out and it’s time that you fan that flame so that you can RISE UP and step into your true being.

It’s a complete insult to your creator for you to questions yourself, abilities, gifts, talents, desires and dreams.

He gave them to you so do you think he would give all of this to you only to see you letting them go to waste?

Yes those feelings of being a queen, a diva, a boss babe who knows her stuff are real, true and waiting for you to honor them and own them.

Ultimately your purpose is to simply UNLEASH what’s inside of you and get paid for being you.

Let’s start a movement of women who choose to stand in their power and unleash in only the way that we can.





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