I am done with you under estimating yourself, it’s really not attractive and it just plain stinks.

You have greatness within you that the world needs to see and witness. But there you are hiding out afraid to allow your true light to shine.

The world needs your kind of light and the longer you sit back playing small the people who need you in this world go unserved.

Who are you? What do you stand for? What do you want to shout from roof tops?  There’s something in you that is fighting to get out but you keep shoving it back down afraid what will happen if you unleashed all that is within you.

You are greatness and by not showing up as who you are you are simply saying that your greatness is something to be ashamed of. And I am here to disagree with you and shake you so that you can wake the f*uck up!!

It’s time my love. The time is now for you to stand up on the inside and rule the world like only you are meant to do.  No more lurking in the shadows watching others unleash their potential and unleash their greatness while you sit back wishing you could do the same.

One thing for sure that just grinds my gears and is hearing women say how they wish they could be like (fill in the blank).  Even if you don’t say it I know you’re thinking it!

That’s complete nonsense and I want nothing more than for you to simply own who you are and understand that you are more powerful then you give yourself credit for.

Your creator did not make a mistake and He has implanted amazing gems inside of you. 

You are quite simply a masterpiece and when you own that it can be completely liberating.

So that life and business that you desire to have so bad is waiting to be birthed from the inside of you.  But until you own your power and show up as you, you will never get to your destination.

You see in order to make your dreams a reality it is a must that you simply embrace your greatness and don’t be shy about putting yourself out there.

Can you handle it?

The fact that people may love this version of you and feel so empowered that they feel like you have given them permission to be great as well.

There is no need to think that by unleashing your greatness that you are stating that you are better than anyone else.  That’s just a false belief that the world would have you believe in order to keep you small.

In my mind this world is all an illusion of women pretending like they are standing 100% in their truth but aren’t showing up in a way that would suggest it.

If any of what I am writing here triggers you, good!

Take whatever comes up and go make the world your b*tch. I am of the mindset that no matter what you will see me and you will know just how amazing that I am.

Not being arrogant by any means but I fully believe and know that I was created from a different cloth than anyone else on this planet and I get to celebrate it every single day. 

And my love so can you.

Will you give yourself permission? 



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