Business doesn’t have to be hard. You can make anything harder then what it needs to be and the truth is most of us do.  I know for me personally I can easily get myself wrapped up in the logical side of business and it completely takes me off track.  Sometimes my mind reverts back to a belief of, it isn’t hard then maybe it’s not worth it.

As a young girl I watched my mom hold down at least 3 jobs leaving her little to no down time for herself let alone me and my sister.  So as I got older this belief that working hard (literally physically hard to the point of exhaustion) was the way that life had to be.  So naturally I avoided anything that triggered my mind to think it was hard work.

It’s a reality that I work through every day where I constantly remind and repeat to myself that life and business are easy.  It’s hard to belief sometimes but in those moments when I just allow things to flow, all is well.

So of course when I launched my business a little over a year ago there I was doing everything possible to make it harder then what it needed to be.  Yeah I had some learning to do but I literally would sike myself out every now and then because it felt too much like hard work. So of course as soon as that feeling came along I would back off and tell myself that I just needed a break.

How often do you find yourself doing this in your business and life?  How often do you find yourself thinking about how hard something is and wondering if you are ever going to truly get where you desire to be.

It wasn’t until 6 months ago that I learned that business and life can actually be easy if you will just simply allow it to be. The conscious choice to allow it to be easy is something that I am choosing every day. 

Is there still a lot for me to learn in business, yes?  But at the end of the day business is really about you showing up and being, well, YOU and sharing your message with those who resonate with you and selling products/services that help people solve a problem.

That’s the basics of it.  You are a problem solver and it’s about time that you made the decision to own this fact.

Of course there are systems to learn, strategy to employ and actual work to be done but think about how much smoother it would be if you had the mindset of easy.

On most days I am writing this in my journal during my quiet time – Business and life are easy and fun.

Yes fun!!

You didn’t start a business just for the hell of it did you?  I hope that you plan to also have fun with it as well.

Again another mindset shift. 

Just let that soak in for a moment, your business is fun and it’s easy.

I wonder how much more you would accomplish if you simply approached all things in your business with this mindset. I can already tell you that you would be amazed at how much you can actually get done in a short amount of time.

I remind myself of this, for sure, during those intense moments of work or during a launch or even when I am about to do a livestream.  Do this and you will immediately feel the shift take place that allows you to simply come from a place of flow and authenticity.

Speaking of authenticity, this is something most female entrepreneurs can struggle with as well because you see so many other lady bosses in the game doing their thing that you think you must show up similar to them because they are getting results.

Nope not true at all.  People are attracted to you simply because they can relate to you and because they simply like you.  It makes it kind of hard for your soul make client to connect with you if you are trying on a personality that really isn’t you. Trust me it comes across in your energy.

There are times when you will need to focus on one thing at time in order to help yourself not be totally overwhelmed with all of the amazing content out in the world today. Daily we are bombarded with people who are selling to us, solving a problem, that yes you may not know how to tackle, but yet you need to still be conscious of all the stuff you are consuming because too much of this will send you spiraling down.  Thinking about all of the stuff that you still need to learn.

You want to know what’s comforting though.

The fact that you have your whole life ahead of you to figure all of this business stuff out and if you don’t give up now you will get to a place where it will all just flow.

Start today by telling your mind that business and life are easy.  And then focus on taking the aligned action towards your goals.  It’s that easy but yet it can be challenging to follow.  It requires discipline and consistency which are two pivotal areas that one must strengthen every day.

So remember – Business and Life Are Easy – I now choose to release anything that isn’t serving me.



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