It amazes me how many people that I interact with on a daily basis that have no REAL drive for being nothing more than average. To some simply waking up each day and going to a job that they hate and then getting up and doing it all over again is the way they think life is supposed to be lived.

I don’t believe that is you though because you wouldn’t still be reading this if you thought for a second that living the average life was the way to go. No you have a vision and as much as others may try to tell you that you are crazy for wanting do what your heart desires you know that you can’t not do it. 

You were simply born for more and trying to fit into a nice neat little box is not working for you is it? What you really want to be doing is living life on your terms, being the leader that you are called to be, and make money doing exactly what it is that you love.

It’s interesting to me because as kids we just simply believe that we will one day get paid to do only what we love to do.  We pretend that we are teachers, athletes, business owners, etc. and we are excited by the fact that when we grow up we can be just that.

But then along comes the mind of an average person who is frightened by your zeal for life and for wanting to do exactly what you feel called to do and they tell you that you better get a safe J.O.B. so that you can provide for your family and build a nice retirement. Not that there is anything wrong with this if this is what you CHOOSE to do but for most people it’s not.

I ask you to get really honest with yourself about this and really dig deep to find your truth. I believe you already know your truth but you’ve never really known that it’s okay to live out your truth.  That there are others out in the world just like you that refuse to settle for the life that was handed to them.

If you would give yourself permission to freely have what you desire you would find that it is so exhilarating and something that you would be willing to dedicate your whole life to.

There isn’t anything about the life of an average woman that really gets your heart pounding with excitement. What gets you excited is the idea of really being able to live in your truth and make money and build an awesome life for simply being who you are.

Bottom line you want to live LIFE ON YOUR TERMS.

Am I right?

I know I am right.

So do you know what’s stopping you? Do you know WHY you haven’t fully decided to do exactly what your heart desires for you to do?

The biggest reason is because you don’t know HOW to create the internal shift that is required to get you taking the action that is necessary for you to up level.

You are so stuck in your own BS stories about your life, money, business and finances that you can’t even begin to understand what your first step would even be.

You may find yourself in a state of confusion, frustration and resentment for not being able to fully live life on your terms and be successful at running your own business.

I really do understand what this feels like because I lived this way for years. Deep down I knew that living a life where I checked off all of the ‘right’ boxes was not really fulfilling me like I knew that I could be.

I had always had the dream of being my own boss and living my life in only the way that I wanted to live it.  I didn’t want people telling me what to do and I didn’t want to do anything that I really didn’t desire to do as well.

My highest value in life is freedom.  Freedom to wake up each day and know that my actions are coming from a place of choice instead of from a place of ‘have to.’  Every day I wake up and feel good knowing that I am making major progress towards my desire to be full-time in my biz. 

Yeah I may not be there full-time just yet but I KNOW how to train my mind to get me exactly where I want to be.  I know how to hold the vision and to energetically align myself with exactly what I want in my business and life.

When you figure this out it’s like you are unstoppable. Your mind is set and there isn’t a single person who can talk you out of your dream.

Aren’t you worth it? Aren’t you worth the extra time? Worth giving up TV so that you can develop yourself so much that you don’t even recognize who you once were. Worth the late nights of working towards your dream? Worth building the relationships and connections that will be with you for life.

I’m here to tell you that yes you are worth it and so much more.  You only get one life my love and one opportunity to really impact the world in only the way that you can.

I know it’s inside of you and you know it’s inside of you so now it is time for you to stand up on the inside and go relentlessly for exactly what you want to create in beautiful life of yours.





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