Your Dreams Are Calling

You know that feeling you get when you see something that truly inspires you?  Or that constant nagging feeling you get right before you go to bed?  That little voice inside that is constantly saying the same thing over and over again to you yet you still ignore it. Or that feeling you get when you see someone else doing something and you think to yourself how awesome it would be if you could do that.

Have you ever considered that you could get paid to just simply be yourself and wake up each day doing what you love? As a kid the idea of being paid abundantly for doing exactly what you love and for simply being you seemed like the normal and only way that one would get paid. However as we get older and our family, society and friends begin to impart their beliefs upon us we gradually start believing that in order to create the life we desire we have to work 60-70 hours per week at a JOB that we can’t stand so that in 30 years we can retire and live how we want.

Yes, I went down that path, got two degrees, married, had a beautiful daughter, bought a nice home and went to work for a corporation. However it wasn’t long before that little girl voice inside of me started calling out to me.  I would watch actresses on TV and football players live the life of their dreams doing only the thing that made them happy.

Then I started to notice women online who built amazing businesses by helping other people, by writing from their heart, by creating trainings and coaching/mentoring people one-on-one and I couldn’t silence that little girl inside of me any longer.

You get exactly what I am talking about here because you feel it too. If you would simply give yourself permission to feel the yearning of wanting to just be who you are, do what you love and get paid for it.  Now for some this does mean working in a corporation. It means putting in the 60-70 hours per week for a company and gaining complete fulfillment out of it.

I am talking to those women out there who (if you are being honest with yourself) know they are being called because they simply aren’t settled.  You go from this to that never fully satisfied and feeling like you are missing out on something. I am talking to that woman who wants more, who NEEDS more and who refuses to settle until she is doing exactly what her heart is content at doing.

I am you and you are me.  You refuse to leave this beautiful world without leaving your mark.  You refuse to simply believe that what you have currently accomplished is all there is to it.  I am talking to that woman who has maybe taken the step to launch her business but who isn’t playing full out yet because you’re still questioning whether it’s for you or not. I am talking to the woman who is experiencing the push and pull within that is so unsettling that you wonder if you’re going crazy.  I am talking to the woman who is a DREAMER and who actually, on some level, believes these dreams that she has.

If you are in any way resonating with this I want you to go ahead and open yourself up to the possibility that what you are really fighting with is your calling.  You’re not confused and no you’re not going crazy.  That constant tug that you feel deep inside is your calling trying to get your attention. So the question that you must answer is, are you going to answer the call?  Or are you going to allow another day to go by before you decide that it’s your time.  Or are you going to allow the excuses and your own BS story keep you from your destiny and calling? 

If you keep ignoring that calling within you at some point the calling is going to stop calling.  It’s going to go find someone else who is willing to answer the call and put their life on the line for it. It’s said that the richest places on earth are cemeteries.  This is because there are some many people who have come before us who have passed on with their calling, light , purpose, whatever you want to call it, still on the inside of them.

Love your light is meant to shine, your purpose is meant to be seen and your calling is meant to be heard.  I urge you to get over yourself and get over what you think people may think and just take the leap to do what you feel called to do.

As I go along this journey of entrepreneurship I am learning that my intuition never leads me wrong.  I am learning to trust myself and learning that no matter what if I follow my calling it is impossible for me to fail. And the same is true for you as well.  I am no different than you.  We are essentially the same person it’s just that I have chosen to answer the call.

Are you going to answer the call on your life?




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