ClarityWhen I first started my business a little over a year ago I  struggled big time with finding clarity around who my ideal client was, what exactly I would offer, how I would put myself out there and what I would charge for my services. Nothing seemed to feel right and overall I just felt so confused.

The doubt and lack of worthiness of course set up shop as well BUT I believed that at some point if I would just keep going I would figure this all out. Well I am still figuring it all out and learning however I can now say that I am pretty damn clear on all of the above because I learned how to find the clarity that I was seeking so desperately.

This is the one area where I find most new entrepreneurs struggle the most.  You are never really certain and when you do make a decision there is this voice in your head that wonders if you are completely wrong. There’s the voice of logic that says things have to be done a certain way in order for them to work.  You are bombarded with people telling you that you have to follow a certain “formula” in order for you see results and blah, blah, blah.

It can all be too much especially when you are just starting out and really all you desire is for someone to help you figure out what YOUR clarity is.  Not TELL you what your clarity is.  Yup I get it and I understand the frustration.  Others seem to make it look so simple, right?  Like they woke up knowing all of the answers and knowing exaclty what to do.

The two things I wish someone would have said to me at the time when I was trying to figure out how to get started is:

#1 Your mindset is everything

#2 Your clarity is already inside you so just simply take action.

It’s interesting as I type this because I started out wanting to help women overcome everyday limiting beliefs and life obstacles through helping them cultivate a stronger mindset. I positioned myself as a life coach essentially and now as my clarity has evolved and grown I can now see that I am meant to help new entrepreneurs in this confusing jungle of online business. I am now the mentor/coach that I needed when I first started my business.

So the answer to the question of HOW do you gain the clarity that you need in business is literally strengthing your inner game (your mindset) and simply trusting yourself enough to take the action that you feel you should take.  In the moments when you don’t know the action you reach out for help and find the right mentor/coach to help propel you forward quicker then you ever could.

Gaining clarity requires that you invest in yourself because you will only get so far before you are looking around you wondering WHY things don’t seem to me moving n your favor or shifting for the better. Being able to create clarity for yourself in business by looking within allows you to then create the strategy around this clarity to get the results that you desire. This of course is the action part of the equation.

You can’t do this alone and honestly you are not meant to do this alone.  There is immense power in asking for help and for asking for what you need.  Yes it requires courage because if you are like I once way, I thought that asking for help was a sign of weakness.  That if I had to ask for help then I wasn’t actually capable of fulfilling my dreams and desires.

In order to be great and to be the best version of who you are, you will need the support of others.  Have you ever paid attention to how you feel when you are able to share your accomplishments with someone who ‘gets’ the journey or when someone tells you that they believe in you?  The energy surge of motivation begins to course through your veins and your level of belief in yourself actually increases as well.  It’s quite intoxicating and you don’t get this experience when you choose to believe that you are an island and you can do this entrepreneurship journey all by yourself.

The comforting thing to know is that you are not alone and that there is a wealth of information in the world to help you on your journey but it’s up to you to tap in and tune in to yourself to determine what you believe is your next best step to take.  

Clarity is not this elusive thing that only the people who have made it get to access you get to access it too. Find comfort in knowing that you are not the only one searching for clarity and that it’s also something that is definitely within your reach if you will simply ALLOW yourself to receive it.





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