9G3A4747 This little ten letter word used to send me overboard into sabotage. Completely procrastinating (ignoring) the things that I knew deep inside I needed to be doing.

 I swear I could find like a million other things to be doing instead of what I knew I was supposed to be doing. I grew up with such a bad taste in my mouth for this word.

 I played basketball from 5th grade all the way up to my junior year in High School, I was even on the varsity team. Looking back I really loved those days of being with my team and working together to win games and build each other up.

 Okay anyway, getting a bit sentimental. I remember when I wasn’t at practice my dad would tell me to go outside and shoot some ball or practice my ball handling and I would completely shut down.  I would go outside for a moment and practice but then I was back in the house again. I had no discipline when it came to practicing on my own because deep down I just didn’t want to feel like I HAD to do something.

 For me discipline meant giving up other things that I wanted to do even though I really did want to be better at basketball. I had no clue of the value that discipline held in it. I carried this belief around with me and applied it to other areas of my life which didn’t bode well for me.

 You see I would dream out these amazing outcomes that I wanted in my life but when it came down to actually putting in the work day-in-and-day-out I would slowly back away because again it felt like I was denying myself the freedom to do other things.

 You could really say that I though discipline=bondage.  It was as if my whole life would be wasted if I actually practiced discipline in all areas of my life. You know what I am talking about because I am sure you have felt it at some point too.

 See you’re like me, you value your freedom so much that you will do anything to ensure that you get to do exactly what you want to do. Tell you that you HAVE to do something and you completely check out.

 Discipline was just never sexy to me. But at the same time those that practiced discipline seemed to be making progress and quick while I sat around spinning my wheels wondering how the hell other people were making huge strides in their life.

 As a result of me feeling like this I chose to over compensate by being a total perfectionist about all things and totally stressing myself out. What I didn’t know then is that discipline would actually be something that opened my eyes to a new way of thinking.

 If I am being honest I had discipline in my life – for all of the things that were not serving me in being the best version of me.  Can you think of some things in your life that you are disciplined in that aren’t truly serving you? Disciplined in second guessing yourself, sabotaging your efforts, feeling not good enough.

 I look at discipline as simply a habit that we practice each and every day with focus.  Along the way I wanted to be truly disciplined and get shit done but then I would stop-start all over the place. I would have great moments though where I could truly see that yes I had it in me to be disciplined and it actually felt great.

 Today I have chosen to adopt a new belief when it comes to discipline and for me that is discipline=fun, freedom & flow. When I can hold myself accountable, show up every day and do the work I actually find that I have more fun with it, I get into this space of just complete flow and I feel free. 

 It took an intentional and simple mindset shift for me to begin to see discipline as my companion in success. I now look at those who are miles ahead of me and I can clearly see that if they didn’t fully discipline themselves they would not be where they are today. People such as Oprah, Tony Robbin, Beyoncé, just to name a few. They all have incredible work ethic and discipline.  To play at that level though they had to start someone.

 I have decided that I am going to continue to keep pressing forward in a disciplined manner because I know like I know that by doing so I will grow a massive community of like-minded female entrepreneurs who totally get it and support one another on the journey.

 What do you need to be more disciplined around? Do you need to shift your thinking when it comes to this concept of discipline? It will for sure make you or break you. And I will not be broken so decide with me that you will allow discipline to make you and craft you into the best version of who you are.

 I have learned that the more you show up for what you desire it will all seem to flow quite easily and you’ll wonder why you’ve made it hard for so many years. Let’s just choose right now that business and life are easy.

Remember –


Kendra xx

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