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It can be like pushing a rock up the hill sometimes.  I get it really, there you are going through the ebbs and flow of this journey secretly wondering if THIS will be the thing that gives you the BIG breakthrough.


Really when you think about it you realize that no one told you that it was going to be easy. No one told you this journey would be easy to navigate or that you would have all the answers.


You question what the hell you are doing and if you really made the biggest mistake of your life. I mean how is it that other entrepreneurs seem to come to their take off and keep soaring in less time than you ever thought was possible. What did they do different.

And then there you go literally listening to every person who pops up on your news feed, opting in to every opt in that promises you that you can make five or six figures in a matter of months. You are following so many people that you are literally confusing the hell out of yourself.

You don’t know whether to go left or right, up or down. All you know is that you have this huge yearning within you to change the world and you’re just trying to figure out how to get ALL that stuff within you OUT so that the world can see it.

It’s going to be okay my love. Listen, choose to stay focused on your end goal and don’t you DARE look at the person next to you.  Whatever she has going on is none of your business.  Her journey to success has nothing to do with you and is really NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. 

It’s you peeking at everyone’s livestream to see if what they have to say is as “good as” what you say.  Or you reading their every post “just checking” to see if they articulate their ideas better then you.  This whole comparison thing does not look pretty on you baby.  In fact it makes you look kind of desperate and as if you don’t believe in yourself.

CHOOSE you today.  CHOOSE your story.  CHOOSE to believe in you.  CHOOSE to be the best 2.0 version of YOU and no one else.

You are special, gifted, talented and the total package.  What you have to offer the world is unprecedented and for you to sell yourself short and think you are aren’t quite good enough is just a shame.

Pick your head up, shake yourself off, go deep into your mindset work and go kick some ass.  You and by know that you want to be SEEN, HEARD and RECOGNIZED for your genius. 

Yes your GENIUS!!

You know I am right. Oh my gosh that feeling you get when you see something that inspires you.  The butterflies that go wild within when you sit back and think about your vision.  A smile creeps on your face when you think about all of the amazing places you will visit like Paris, Bali, Australia, and Dubai to name a few. 

You KNOW that it’s possible because you see it before your eyes every day.  And this my friend is a little part of your frustration. I totally get it.


It is a daily practice to keep yourself aligned and mentally strong, for this journey is not for the faint at heart. And YOU my love are made for this, right?


Okay so keep going up the hill and keep on pushing that rock EVEN THOUGH it can feel like a bitch sometimes, deep down you know that it’s all worth and one day you’ll be giving this same lesson to those coming behind you.




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