Giving Up Is Not An Option

Your mind is whirling with doubt, fear, uncertainty, what if’s and you seriously start to wonder if you should keep going.

You have spent the past 1 year, 2 years or more putting yourself out there, creating content, and getting your hands on any training that you can think of, paid and/or free. You’re thinking by now you should see some progress. You’re thinking you must be doing something wrong because you haven’t been able to say you’ve had your first 4 figure or 5 figure month.

There are days when you feel like maybe it’s not worth it. Maybe you are just kidding yourself by thinking that you could really be a highly sought after expert in your industry.  You even have an affirmation that states just this fact so shouldn’t it have happened by now?

You find yourself looking at the work of others and secretly thinking to yourself that you aren’t good enough.  You might never admit this openly but the feeling has passed through you at some point.

Because your emotions are all over the place in your business this also shows up in your level of consistency.  You know that you aren’t being as consistent as you should be yet every day you get online and look to see if anyone has liked your post or made a comment.

It’s not too long (typically that same day) before you start thinking about what the alternative would be for you if you don’t follow through on what you believe to be your purpose.  The vision of what life would be like actually scares you and probably more than the vision of continuing to grind it out in your business.

Listen I believe at some point all entrepreneurs have been there and some of us probably still face this each day.  I know for sure that I have my days when I wonder if this dream of mine is ever going to come together. This journey is a roller coaster for sure however it is encouraging to see those out their crushing it in their business.

You know why it’s so encouraging to see other entrepreneurs like yourself crushing it online?

It’s pretty simple really, when you see others doing it you are seeing proof that yes your dream can work because if others are doing it then why the hell can you not be doing it.

So you snap yourself back into reality and vow that you are not going to pay attention to what others are doing, you are just going to stay in your lane of genius and do what you are called to do.

Because you believe that giving up is not an option you reset yourself, realign yourself to your calling and crush it online like only you can. You remember the vision that you have for your business and life and it reenergizes you to show up like never before.

Understand that fear, doubt, uncertainty, and what ifs are all a part of this game. I don’t care how high-level you go these feelings will still show up.  It’s your job to learn how these feelings show up in your life and then learning how to dance with them so that you can get shit done.

Moral of the story here, keep your vision before you at all times and take some comfort in knowing that you are not the only entrepreneur that has felt like. You are not alone.

Also know that it’s not all about you.  The message that you have inside of you that the world is meant to hear needs to be cut loose so that you can help the people you are meant to help.

Get out of your own way and choose to just show up as you.  No need to put on some kind of mask in order to be there for your people.  People want to see raw, real people.  So own the fact that you are awesome at what you do and go about knowing that your mission here on earth is to help as many people as you can.

Don’t give up!!! Keep pushing forward!!! Keep showing up!!! Keep being real and I know that those who are supposed to be working with you will be there.



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