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It sucks, believe me I totally get it. When you are doing something that literally sucks the life out of you it’s so easy to think that this is how things will always be.


It’s easy to daydream about your future desires and wonder deep inside if it’s really going to happen.


Am I crazy for thinking that I can really create the business and life that I dream about?


Can I really create an abundance of wealth and happiness just by simply doing what I love doing?

Oh my gosh how much longer do I have to wait?  What if I don’t make it and I end up caving under the pressure of trying to create my dream business?

These are all valid questions and again I get it.  These are all things that cross my mind at some point during the day, week or month.

When you feel like you are working your tail off to create a business that feels good to you and at the same time being ever so conscious that in order to have a real “business” you have got to be selling and making money.

It’s a real mind twister when it comes to making sure your thoughts aren’t sabotaging you but every time you pull up to your J.O.B you literally feel your stomach turn into knots.

As you witness other entrepreneurs kill it in their business and make tons of money and talk about how they used to be broke, in major debt and ready to give up but then something changed; this almost makes you want to puke in your mouth.

But you don’t because no matter how crushing it can be you know that you too can do the same thing if you will just keep taking aligned action towards your outcome.

I mean no one said it was going to be easy right? No one said that you were going to be a six or seven figure earner right out the gate.

You may find yourself stalking those that are killing it in their business in hopes that one day they will say that ‘one’ thing that just makes everything click for you but love this will only make the road to your dream seem longer and less enjoyable.

As painful as it can be sometimes to walk through the places that are hard you have to understand that it really is all a part of the journey.

You keep showing up, building your audience, increasing your email list and launching amazing courses and before you know it you’ll be one of those badass business coaches or mentors who are bringing six and seven figures continuously.

What it boils down to you is your mindset. When you have a strong mindset you become internally more resilient and less likely to fall into the trap of victim mindset. 

You know the mindset that believes everything is everyone else’s fault when things don’t work out for her. Believe me this is not where you want to hang out.  It’s like a black hole that can be very difficult to recognize or come out of.

As you work on the transition from employee to entrepreneur understand that your mindset MUST change with it.  You are no longer an employee and therefore you must think completely different

It’s an emotional roller coaster at times and because of this it definitely can cause you to wonder. However the key concept here is to never quit.

Have as many ‘That’s it I’m making this happen’ moments that you need to have to keep yourself moving forward.

And listen don’t be afraid to let the negative stuff out when you journal.  I know we talk a lot about mindset and keeping our energy at peak levels so that we can attract what we desire in our lives but you know sometimes it’s a great detox to let all of the negative shit out.

Remember always remind yourself of your goals, vision, mission and purpose even if it feels a bit tough on some days. It will get better and this journey will be so worth the wait.

Kendra xx


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P.S.~ Keep your eyes on this space because I have a really exciting announcement to make that will have you feeling like it’s too go to be true. Excited!!!


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