wake up

It’s Monday morning and you hear your alarm going off at 5:30 am. Your mind quickly fast forwards to what you have to face and you immediately get this feeling of wanting to just go back to sleep and ignore the world.

But instead you get yourself up, shower, brush your teeth, get the kids ready, get dressed, eat and out of the house you go. You drop off the kids and fly like a bat out of hell because you can’t be late, not even 1 minute late.

You get to the parking lot and immediately you just want to cry because even just sitting in the parking lot breaks your soul. You wish you could just run away. You wish you could be doing what you want to do. Then you feel t again, that knowing within you that you were meant for more than this. You get that nagging in your soul that resonates so deep within you and you literally want to run. It is soul sucking.

You get out of the car and walk into the building thinking about how much you hate walking into your job. How much you hate the fake ass people you have to be in the same room with. Alright you are nearly to the door now, you paste on that fake smile and put a little more pep in your step meanwhile your insides are dying.

You work your standard 9-10 hours a day, eat lunch at your desk, get infuriated when the people whom you look at as leaders piss in your ear and tell you it’s raining. You see the lack of integrity, you see the lack of transparency, you see the straight out lies that circulate and yet there you are still there. Scared to stand for anything because heaven forbid THEY don’t like what you have to say and this puts your job in jeopardy. You NEED that paycheck every two weeks and as an exchange you give them your soul. You work 40+ hours a week grinding, and expending all of your energy on a dream that isn’t even yours only to be told that you aren’t doing enough.

After a soul draining day at this place you call a job you go home stressed, tired, depressed, sad and anxious. You get home and numb yourself out with hours of TV or hours of scrolling through Facebook looking at how all of these other people seem to have it all together. Thinking how much happier they look than you. Feeling sorry for yourself because it seems like they have found her purpose and are living their dream.

All you really want is complete freedom to live life on your terms, to do the soul work that you know you were created to be doing. You think about starting business but wonder when you’ll have the time or you have launched your business but because you don’t have the time you aren’t consistent with working in your business. So you just continue to allow your life to slip away working for a company who deep down feels that you are replaceable.

You give everything you have on a daily basis living a purposeless life. Please know that working a 9-5 is not going to make you rich.

Your skills, gifts and talents will not be utilized to their full potential. You are limited and at the mercy of those whom you are making rich.

When are you going to WAKE UP!?! When are you going to realize that your soul is dying? When are you going to realize that this is not the way to true FREEDOM? When are you going to realize that the reason you are so stressed, anxious and so low vibe is because you are suppressing your soul?

Corporate America sucks!!! It literally sucks the life out of you. I know because I have allowed it to suffocate my soul as well.

Last year I decided that I would no longer allow anyone else to have control over money and my destiny. I decided that I would launch my business doing exactly what I am wired to do. My soul calling. And to put it out there unapologetically. So although you will find me behind a desk right now M-F from 8-5 I am building my EMPIRE and being unapologetic about it.

You can do the same but first you have to wake up and listen to your soul calling and do exactly what it leads you to do. Chose to not be afraid and to simply do what you feel deep in your heart you are supposed to be doing.

Choose to take responsibility for your life and go after what you want. Take a stand for what you want in your life.


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