The nice girl. That’s the label that’s been given to me. The one that I have tried my whole life to live up to. The label that I THOUGHT would get me what I really wanted in life.

Say the right things.

Do the right things.

Don’t cuss.

Don’t be disrespectful.

Follow the rules.

School before marriage.

Marriage before kids.

I adhered to the rules and checked off the boxes. This carried over into my career life as well. I thought that life was to be lived by this simple formula where you follow these steps and then you’ll get the outcome of your soul desire.

You and I both know that living the life we are meant to live cannot be lived by following the “rules”. How is it that we believe that by everyone following the same set of rules that our souls (which are all unique) will actually be set free to their purpose.

You and I are not the same. Your formula for life and success is not the one that will necessarily work for me.

I am a free soul that needs to have the space to create and unleash exactly what’s inside of me. It brings me down when I hear someone tell me that in order to have X,Y AND Z you must do A,B AND C.

Ughh!!! Makes me want to scream really.

I’ve spent so many years following the fucking rules that it is now taking me years to uncover the layers that I’ve allowed to be placed upon me.

And if you are being honest with yourself I think you’ll notice that the truest form of who you are isn’t being seen each day.
You’re afraid of the judgment.

Afraid of the criticism.

Afraid of people unfriending you on Facebook.

Afraid that you may disappoint some people.

Afraid that you will offend someone.

Afraid that someone will say something to you that will cause you to have to defend yourself.

You’re just plain AFRAID. And listen I get it because as I uncover all the CRAP that’s been layered upon me I get scared too.

I get scared because what needs to be unleashed within me WILL ruffle some feathers. It will cause people to judge. The people who thought they “knew” me will wonder where that sweet girl went.

But see here’s thing, I am nice, fun, loving, compassionate, sensitive and all things sugar and spice.

HOWEVER, this is my life and I am ready to up level the shit out of it. Right here, right now, I am DECIDING that I will have the VIP life that is mine to have where I get to impact millions of female entrepreneurs around the world to CREATE a business and life they love by getting their mind right and owning their shit!

I will trigger you and make you think about how you’re living your life. I will empower you to live your life BIG because you were not put here to just merely exist. I will give you the permission to not do things in life just because someone else thinks you should.

You know you feel me. You may be too scared to hit the “Like” button because then people would know that you hold some of the same thoughts and feelings too.

That’s okay and it’s part of my purpose here on this earth. To speak my truth and to teach other women how to speak their truth as well.

Oh the power you feel when you allow yourself to be just who you are despite who people “thought” you were.

The power that wells up inside of you when you just unleash and get things off of your chest. This life you have is for you and it’s for you to impact the life of others.

Tell me something.

How exactly are you planning on impacting the lives of others if you, yourself can’t be real. People can smell BS a mile away. So go ahead, keep showing up as the inauthentic fake ass person that you’ve been portraying to the world.

You are so afraid to show people who you are. To invite people into your life and allow them to see exactly what you are made of. You’re so afraid to take the mask off for fear of being unaccepted.

It’s a shame really. We live in a world where people who are so unhappy, wearing a smile as a mask but really dying inside because they aren’t living their true calling. It’s no wonder we have so many overweight unhealthy people in this world today. Because instead of speaking their truth, no matter how ugly it may be, we would rather eat something, watch something, drink something, and participate in unhealthy activities, hate people, abuse people, emotionally abuse people, mentally abuse people,etc.

The ugliness that we see around us every day is a direct manifestation of people not owning their shit and showing up as the person that they are. It’s a manifestation of a mass of people not willing to do the inner work and face the inner demons in order to birth the freshness of who they are.

I get that it’s painful because I have attempted to cover up my hurts, failures, disappointments, and feelings of unworthiness with vices that weren’t going to get me anywhere. I was afraid to face the hurts of my past and deal with the ugliness that was seeping out of me.

HOWEVER, I also knew deep in my soul that God placed me here on this earth to be an example of hope, success, fame, beauty, confidence, health, strength, wealth, and so much more. So the pain of me staying in the dark place was nothing compared to the pain of me dying with my light inside.

So I’m sorry, not sorry, if my words, language or perspective piss you off and cause you to turn your nose up. That’s not my problem as I am not responsible for your feelings.

My soul purpose is to share my journey to excellence and to teach, inspire, encourage and empower the women of today to CREATE a business and life that they love through showing them how to be the boss of their MIND.

Because you see that’s where it all starts…your MIND.

If you can’t get that together or don’t know the strategy behind creating a rock solid mindset that will magically create the life and business of your dream then you’ll stay stuck.

You ready to get unstuck, own your shit, and shine bright like a diamond?

The choice is yours.


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