Money Relationship

As an entrepreneur, if you are smart, you have money goals that you set for your business each month.  And if you don’t then I suggest you have them. I suggest you write them down every single day. 

 It’s imperative to keep your vision in front of you, to imprint it upon your mind.  What we focus on expands right? So if you aren’t writing them down every day I want today to be the day that you commit to this practice.

 After you decide what you choose to have as your goal and you write it down every day, then let it go.

 Yes, I said LET IT GO.

 Because here is the thing, what you do and provide in your business is far more important on a soul level then how much money you make. If we were to deep dive into the REAL reasons why you desire the money it wouldn’t really be about the money.

 You see money is simply a by-product of you walking in your purpose and pouring your gift out of you for the world to see.

 As you walk in alignment to what it is your soul desires you will attract the money to you naturally.

 This was a concept that I really never understood on a soul level until just recently.

 Money is an exchange of energy and if your energy around money is that of scarcity, a feeling of fear, a feeling of being scared to let it go, a feeling of not deserving it or not being worth it, then how do you think it’s going to behave?

 It’s going to slip through your fingers quickly, it’s going to divert your best attempts to attain it, it’s not going to expand, and in fact it’s going to run.

 For a long time I related to money like a clingy, needy girlfriend who was so insecure about herself, with low self-worth.  I had the mindset that if I released it I would never get it back again (scarcity), I would  get rid of all of my money as a subconscious way of sabotaging myself and validating the belief that life was a struggle and that I would never have enough money, that I was always broke. I just couldn’t allow myself to be in a space of abundance.

 Does any of that sound familiar?

 You have to give money space to breathe and set your mind to the channel of faith knowing that all of your needs are already taken care of. Knowing that what you provide in your business is valuable and knowing that you are worth the investment that you change your clients.

 Once you set your money goal and release it then it’s time to get to work doing the activities that will directly allow you to meet your goal.

 Think about what you need to create to meet and exceed your goal. Think about what you would already be doing if you had met your goal or if money wasn’t even in the equation.  And then go do it.

 I want to be sure that you get a clear understanding of what I am saying here because there is a fine line between releasing your money goal and remaining aware of it at the same time.

 You do have to take care of it and nurture it just as you would a relationship with your spouse. Pay attention to it, respect it, invest it wisely, and have an attitude of gratitude to never take it for granted.

 Keep an eye on your business expenses and know where it’s going. Know how much is being generated daily. Track it and also track your expenses.

 You can’t ignore your money and then think it’s going to increase. If you ignore your spouse or your child does the relationship thrive? No it does not, same thing with your money.

 I know it can seem scary especially if you have allowed it to get out of control but you can’t put your head in the sand and think it’s all going to get better.

 Your best intentions around your money don’t matter if you aren’t willing to get into action to care for it.

 So let me provide you with some easy tip and strategy you can take each day to better your relationship around money.

 1.) Know that you are worth every dollar that you desire to have.

 2.) Look at your money every day by tracking your expenses and your income daily.

 3.) Set monthly goals for your money and write them down each day.

 4.) Set an intention daily to walk in a mindset of abundance.

 5.) Get into action every single day doing the activity that is going to directly bring you close to your goal each day.

 Now get out there and show up as the powerhouse that you are and make money by simply being who you are. Choose to release the mindset of scarcity and/or poverty. Do the inner work that is required for you to release old ways of thinking every single day until you have a mindset of abundance naturally?

And remember



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