Sparkles and Unicorn

Looking at the world around you causes you to feel a bit lonely. You look at how most people live and it does nothing for you.

For some reason you are drawn to the VIP lifestyle. To the fancy clothes, being able to travel to any place in the world, living your life exactly how you want to live it every single day, eating at places most people never would and having a shit ton of money.

People who know you think you’re walking around with your heads in the clouds, dreaming of a life that will never be.

But you know it can be and will be for you one day. You see the evidence before you every single day.

You see affluent female entrepreneurs at the top of their game, moguls in their industry who were once where you are today and you know deep in your soul that it’s possible and that if you keep showing up every day you will have it too.

You are the woman who refuses to settle for anything less than what you know you can have. You refuse to believe that your life is average, you refuse to believe the lies of the world that tell you in order to have a fulfilling life you need to be working for some fortune 500 company making six-figures and working 60+ hours a week.

Nope you reject that idea before it even becomes rooted in your mind.

You’ve seen the light and you know it’s not all what it is cracked up to be. You know that in order for your life to truly be satisfying and fulfilling you need to have the freedom to live life on your terms.

You HAVE to work for yourself and be your own boss because otherwise you just feel suffocated. You have long realized that working in corporate is not going to provide you with the lifestyle that you are destined to live.

You’re not willing to work 60+ hours for someone else so that they can fulfill their dreams. You’re a selfish little bitch who could give a f*ck about working for someone else to make their dreams a reality while your dreams die with you 50+ years from now.

You were born to make an impact in the lives of millions of people. You were born to stand out from the crowd and be seen. You were born to be heard. You were born to be the VIP that you dream about being.

No longer dismiss the thoughts you have about the life you really want to live because you don’t see people living this life in your everyday. 

Stop dismissing your desires because they don’t conform to the masses. Again you aren’t meant to conform you were created to stand out.

So no longer will you water down your message, no longer will you worry about people being offended by what you have to say, no longer will you censor your true message.

There are people in the world who are just yearning to hear what you have to say as form of permission for them to come out of their shell as well.

No more pretending like you are one of them, because you aren’t.

You think different.

You desire something different in your life.

You speak different.

You require something different of yourself then most people do.

You hold yourself to a higher standard than most do.

You want the recognition, to be seen, to be heard and be paid HIGHLY for your level of expertise.

You want to own your day and wake up doing exactly what you set your mind to do.

No more looking to someone else to tell you when to show up, how to show up and where to show up.

You live life on YOUR terms and for those who don’t agree with your terms?  Well tell them to go elsewhere and live their boring little lives.

Please don’t take this as being high and mighty but more of a call to action to be just who you know you are at your core.

Not putting yourself on a pedestal but rather walking in your truth everyday which coincidentally will also trigger the hell out of most people. But that’s not for you to worry to about.

Thicken up your skin and create the ultimate adventure in your life by being a true representation of exactly who you are.

And remember



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