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It has to get done, you know it needs to get done but you are dreading it. That blog post you need to write, the graphics that need to be created for your next program, the livestream training that you have been thinking on all day that you really want to share with your audience but for some reason you keep procrastinating on. Some of this you really enjoy doing but here are many things in your business which you really could care less about however if you don’t do it your business won’t move forward.


It feels like it’s a struggle to find the time to do the very thing you know needs to get done.  You think about it and the more you think about it you tell yourself this story about how much time it is going to take and that you really don’t like doing it and you wish that someone else could do it for you.


Just keeping it real here – there are going to be things that you absolutely hate doing while building your business. I get it, all you really want to do is just operate in your zone of genius and do the things that really feel good to you right? You think if you could just do the things which you really enjoy all will be well.


Then you see all of these other online business owners talk about how they only do what they want to do every day and in the back of your mind you are thinking, “it’s easy for them to say that because they are making multiple six figures or seven figures in their business and they hire the right people to do what they don’t want to do.”


I get this mindset, I understand this mindset however this kind of thinking will keep you stuck in your business and you won’t make any meaningful progress forward.


Listen you have to always keep in mind that other business owners that you see out there that appear to have it all together have been exactly where you are now.  They have continued to press forward and do exactly what they felt called to do while also doing some of the mundane things in business that they didn’t necessarily feel like doing.


This is not an excuse for you to whine and complain and say how you are never going to make it because you can’t seem to figure out how to get it all done.  This is not a time for you to wallow in your pity party waiting for someone to come rescue you. Because here’s the thing – no one is going to rescue you.


You have to suck it up and decide that if you want the business that you say you want it is going to mean that you have to do things that you really don’t like doing for a little while so that you can get to a place of paying someone to do those things for you.


I feel like we can get so caught up in looking at someone else’s journey and where they are in their journey that we completely take ourselves out of the game.  And as you are complaining about how easy it must be for them and not you, they are growing and expanding meanwhile you are staying right where you are.


If you really want to grow your business like you say that you do you’re going to have to put on the blinders and stay focused on doing the daily activities that are going to move you forward.  You are blatantly sabotaging yourself if you are constantly trying to project your lack of progress onto someone else.


Babe you have to take ownership of your journey.  The more you show up and do the work that you really wish someone else could do the closer you get to actually making the amount of money you need to have someone do it for you.


Our minds are so clever you see.  I stated earlier that by focusing on the journey of others in business you are essentially sabotaging your own journey.  Entrepreneurship is not easy and by embarking on this journey you are going against the natural comfortable flow that you are used to so inevitably the deeper you wants to keep you from failure, criticism, and even success. So because of this your mind will have you focus on the success of others who are far ahead of you and cause you to compare your journey with theirs. All the while knowing that by doing so you are really taking yourself out of the game.


Just as I stated in yesterday’s blog that it isn’t about you, you must remember this when sabotage tries to come up in your life and have you compare your journey to someone else’s. Remind yourself that your journey and your purpose is bigger than you, put on your blinders and keep working on your own thing until you get yourself to a place where you can hire someone to do the things in your business that you really don’t want to do.


She really doesn’t have it all together like you may think.  She just decided that she was going to go for it and not give a care what everyone else is and was doing. 


Decide today that you will only focus on building your business, staying in your lane and doing all that you need to do to get where you want to be. Know that where you are wanting to take your business requires that you trust the process and move through the journey in order to get to your destination.


You will get there IF you keep moving forward and keep showing up. However it’s also true that you won’t make it if you are stopping every so often to stop and see what everyone else is doing. When you do that you take your eye off of your journey which essentially slows you down which then makes you feel frustrated, upset and the star of your own pity party.


So IF you want it like you say you do keeping going, keep showing up and one day soon you will arrive.


Happy Easter!




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