Me 3

What’s that I hear you say??

Wait..What did you say?? I can’t hear you.

Say it louder so I can here you.

Oh I see, you’re scared. You’re scared to speak your truth and be heard.

Afraid of taking a stand and walking the road that is less traveled.

How long will this go on? I mean time isn’t waiting for you. He’s passing you up and he’s passing you up fast!

Can you catch up? Can you catch time? Maybe you want to try and persuade time to slow down just a bit to give you time to catch your breath. Are you debating with time? Arguing that you’re just not ready? To give you more time to get your nerve up? To give you more time to try and convince yourself that your time is now?

My love that is a losing battle because time can care less about your fear of failure.

Time can care less about your fear of success.

Time can care less about your feelings and how scared you are.

Time doesn’t give a shit if you meet your goals and actually show up in the way you are meant to.

Are you afraid to take a stand? Are you afraid to stand for what you believe in? Afraid of what folks may say or think?

Listen I’m going to need you to woman up and grab courage by the throat and refuse to let go.

I need to for you to grab a hold of the powerhouse within you and take a stand for your life.

Take a stand for the business you created and for the message that you want to deliver to the world.

No one else can do what you do. The world is waiting but please understand time isn’t paying you any attention.

Time is serving his purpose but are you?

And if you really think about it does time really exist in the grand scheme of things. Because in a breath you can lose your opportunity to show up and BE the woman that you are supposed to be in life and in business.

Can I get you to finally DECIDE that you are going to be great?

Can I get you to decide that you will no longer second guess the message that is dying to be let out of you?

Can I get you to decide that you will allow this message out of the cage you have allowed it to stay in. It’s time for a prison break my sister.

A prison break into the wildly amazing woman that is hiding inside because again time is not on your side.

This is your wake up call to get moving and to cut the BS you are feeding yourself that keeps you on this same road of frustration and defeat.

This is a role call for all of you out there that say you want to make an impact on this world. Those of you who say you are sick of living this way. To those of you who are fed up with the way you see your life unfolding.

Take up stock in time and allow this amazing resource to be the leverage that you need to gain momentum.

You can either allow time to be for you or against you. You can use the time that you have to create exactly what you are supposed to create each and every day or you can sit back and hope that one day the light switch will be triggered that will finally open the doors you’ve been hoping for.

Cut the crap my dear that light switch will not be triggered unless you consciously make the choice to switch it on and be the shot caller in your life.

It’s okay if you don’t have a complete and beautiful plan. Get started anyway. As you take steps forward your next best step will be revealed to you.

You see that’s how it works. You take a step and time works with you to reveal to you the next step.

Dance with time and create a poetic rhythm that ebbs and flows to your melody to create a beautiful masterpiece called your LIFE.


Never Settle.



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