Tonight I watched and sat proud as I watched my step-daughter receive recognition for excelling in her academics as a dual enrolled student of high school and college all while she maintains a 4.0 GPA along the way. It was an awesome moment to see her and so many other young individuals get recognized for their hard work, dedication, commitment to excellence and persistence. I thought to myself these young people have what it takes to really become quite successful in their lives if they continue down this path of excellence.
It’s interesting because when we are at that age we think that we have all the time in the world. There’ a part of us that believes that we are invincible and untouchable. We naively believe that we have all the time in the world to create the life that we want. It isn’t until we reach our thirties or maybe ever beyond, that we realize or time here on earth if finite and one day our time will be up. Most will think well it’s too late for me to start doing what I really want to do now. Starting all over again feels so daunting because we may have spent the last decade committing our days to doing things that we really never wanted to do in the first place but for some reason we thought it was the ‘right’ thing to do.
But my response to that is how sad would it be to get the end of our time and never truly tap into and live into our purpose. We all have a light within us that wants to shine and wants to be seen but instead of allowing this light to shine we dim it in order to conform to what think others want to see. We ignore that calling, that yearning and that fire that is burning inside of us wanting to be unleashed and be seen by the world. Yes time is our ultimate resource that we either leverage or we waste it away doing things each day that really don’t fulfill us or satisfy our souls. We lose that discipline and drive that we once had when we were young. That wild ambition to go after exactly what we want not worrying a bit what others will say.
I remember when I was going off to college I fought against my parents so hard because I wanted to go to a particular school that my best friend was going to. I stood up for what I really wanted and I was willing to sacrifice my car to be able to go where I believed I wanted to be. It’s this same tenacity that we must have with our life.
Never settle.
Go after what you WANT.
Be willing to sacrifice whatever you need to in order have what you desire.
Say yes to your soul desires and watch the world unfold before you.
Look fear in the face and move forward anyway.
Feel the resistance and go for it anyway.
Act first and then put the details together later.
The longer we hesitate to move in the direction that we know is aligned for us we push our soul calling down a little bit further. As we make this a habit in our life our soul calling will be so far pushed down that we can easily overlook it. We move on doing and being someone who we really don’t want to be wondering why our soul is restless. Wondering why we feel a deep desire for something more
So after all of this I want you to really understand that it may appear that yo have infinite amounts of time here on earth, you do not, because time is finite and my goal is for millions of people to know that Kendra Wood existed and here’s what she contributed to the world.
What do you want to be remembered for?
Never settle..
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