Life can feel lonely at times and you wonder if anyone around you actually gets you. You’re different and trying to find those around you who are similar to you is a challenge because it seems like everyone you come in contact with is so superficial and just living life on the surface.

When you are a thinker, a creator, a leader you could give no care what other people in the world may be doing. Truth be told you secretly think that most people are lazy with their life and it irritates the hell out of you to see people just waste their life away.

You feel it deep within you that you have a reason why you are here in this world. You want so bad to figure it out and each day the feeling within pulls on you, tugs on you and quietly whispers to you. You know you are meant to unleash what is in you and to live an epic life serving others.

But it gets lonely. No one else quite understands why you do the things that you do. No one else quite understands why you are so passionate about life, your life. People don’t get why you are so dead set on finding and living your true calling.

You can’t help it though, the feeling and the knowing just won’t go away. It won’t let you sleep, or be careless with your life. No matter how much you try you keep coming back to this thing within you.  You are trying to figure out how you satisfy this yearning within and unfortunately the people around you just don’t get it because they are not a creative like you.

For the longest time my husband could not understand why I couldn’t just settle at a job and work there until I retire. I knew the reason and most importantly I knew that I wasn’t going to just settle for anything that I didn’t really want. I believe you are the same as well. You want what you want and don’t really care what other people feel you should have.

We are a rare breed and one that needs to fully operate in their purpose to feel like they are aligned with what they desire. What is your purpose though? Do you know what yours is? Do you know how to tap into your creative core and feel your purpose?

I want to encourage you not to be afraid for what you were put here on the earth to do. Go full out and just choose to belief that you will be successful. Yesterday I was thinking how silly we get when we think about up leveling our lives; we really believe in or mind that we are not safe and that people are going to harm us. I mean how irrational that way of thinking is.

 I dare you to walk with you head held high owning the fact that yes you may be different but you are a true powerhouse.



Your best life ever is just on the other side of YES!!




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