I broke myself down tonight and I am feeling it now!! But it feels so good!! I decided that I want a lean and toned body so tonight was my first night doing a weight lifting circuit. I sweated my butt off but I pushed through the burn and I actually completed my circuit feeling very much proud of myself. I haven’t lifted weights like that since I was in my 20’s, but I did it!

I took a walk and I got to thinking about how in life it’s actually a necessary part of growth and evolution to be broken down before we rise up powerful and strong. It’s not a bad thing if you are at a place that doesn’t feel good, a place that you would consider broken. It’s actually a really good thing because you can bet that if you just keep pushing you will make it through to the other side triumphant in your journey.

We have this false sense that life is supposed to be easy for some reason. Like we are not supposed to ever have down times when we are sad, broken and weak.  This thinking is exactly the thing that keeps us down longer then we actually should be. Because think about it, if we took on the mindset that feeling down, broken and weak were actually just a part of the journey and a time for us to dig deep and heal, that which needs to be addressed, we would do the necessary work and get past the moment and back to times of happiness when all seems right in the world.

Life is not all unicorns, rainbows and cotton candy there is rain, thunderstorms and lightening. Do not and I repeat do not get stuck in that space, thinking that things will never change. It’s in this process of thinking that things will never change that you keep yourself in a cycle of suffering. And funny enough we get addicted to feeling this way and unconsciously seek out experiences to validate this need.  Just STOP it! Stop tormenting yourself and stop suffering for a life that you wish you could live and just make the freaking decision that you are going to live an abundant life full of joy.

Is it necessary to be broken down in order to rise up stronger and wiser? Yes it is, but it doesn’t mean you have to dwell there. Okay so back to the weight training. If you think about what happens to your muscles when you are lifting weights it will all make sense.  When you lift weights you are actually creating little microscopic tears in your muscle, you are damaging the muscle essentially. But over the course of a few days with proper diet and rest your muscles repair themselves and they become stronger, bigger and have a larger muscle capacity.  The old tissue is discarded to bring forth this stronger, bigger tissue.

So hold your head high and pull your shoulders back regardless of how you feel and know that you are only growing wiser, stronger and increasing your emotional capacity.  This is an awesome thing, which is why it is so important to enjoy the journey, realizing that your journey is all a part of your story that you can use to encourage someone else when they need it.

No longer should you wallow in self-pity and walk around talking about woe is me. Stop that shit right now and start looking ahead at what’s to come. Figure out what you need to be doing to heal during this time and work on building yourself up instead of focusing on how things may be looking at the moment.

You must take personal responsibility for your life and own your shit so that you can move on from it and create the life that you really want. Notice I said CREATE the life you really want. Yes you get to decide what your life will look like and what it will be about. Nothing outside of you has that kind of control unless you give it that kind of control. You are so powerful beyond what you can even comprehend. I mean it’s hard for me to comprehend but deep down in my spirit I KNOW how powerful I am and it is my commitment to live fulling in that power every single day. I have witnessed the shifts in my life and I look back at where I was just even one year ago and it’s like night and day.

You don’t need anyone’s permission to live full out and harness the gifts that are within you to create an impact in a way that only you can. I dare you to start living as if it’s already done. I dare you to decide that you are going to walk in your power and not settle for anything less than what you really want. I freaking dare you. Will you take me up on it? Will you get in the arena of your life and stand for yourself and what you want to create. You have got to get serious about your life and what you want it to represent. No more doing life passively allowing each and every thing to throw you off course. I believe in you and I know you can do the work necessary to up level your life and your mindset. Let’s do this!


Remember ~

Your best life ever is just on the other side of YES!

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