Never underestimate what exposure can do for you in your life. What I mean by this is that when you want something in life you can actually increase your appetite for it by constantly exposing yourself, as best you can, to the very thing that you desire.

We all have really BIG dreams, I know I do, and I believe that you do too.Dreams about where you want to vacation one day, dreams about the kind of money you want to make, dreams about the kind of lifestyle you would like to live, dreams about the kind of car, house, clothes, etc. that you desire to have.

Want to know how to bring this all into your reality right now? The answer is exposure! Simply put yourself in the exact, or close to, exact environment of that which you desire.

I know for sure that I love anything that has to do with wealth and luxury. I mean I even love the word l-u-x-u-r-y and how it rolls off my tongue. I see certain make-up, clothes, perfume, cars, and vacation spots, all luxurious. But not just any of this will do for me, it has to be like top of the line and well yes expensive!

No I am not all about money but please know that I am focused and determined to create amazing wealth for me and my family because I simply believe that I was born for the greater and finer things of life. I am by no means saying that I have made it to this level (yet) but I find ways to bring luxury into my life so I can get comfortable with it and call it into my life.

So with that being said and back to what I mentioned earlier, about exposure, if this is similar to what you desire (and I believe that it is) then putting yourself in the environment of all of these fine things gets you comfortable with having it all and seeing the evidence of what you desire. And by seeing the evidence of what you truly desire it increases your belief in the fact that yes you can actually have all that you desire, it’s just waiting for you.

So how do you surround yourself with your desires if you aren’t’ quite there yet in your life journey? Well you get creative. Last year I went to a few personal and business development conferences and one of them was hosted at the Ritz Carlton in Atlanta. I took full advantage of my time there. I took time to sit in the lobby and soak up all of the beauty around me, I enjoyed coffee and croissants from the café and I had lunch at the restaurant overlooking Peachtree Street. I immersed myself in the environment and luxury of this beautiful hotel.

Go to places that have what you want and grab a coffee, a bite to eat or just walk around and take in your surroundings. AND the most important thing, visualize yourself there already and BE the person who enjoys it and expects it.

You can do this with anything you desire to have in your life. If you are wanting that career you’ve had your eye on then spent time in the office building where YOUR office would be, sit in the office space, and surround yourself with it all. Do you have your heart set on a car that you have been dreaming about then go TEST DRIVE THAT CAR! Feel what it will be like to have exactly what it is that you want. And the reality is while you are test driving your dream car, it is yours, for the moment anyway.

Here’s the thing if you desire to have the life that you want you have to be ready to immerse yourself in exactly that which you desire. No more holding back and being shy about it, what’s that going to get you? Nothing! So profess what you desire and then seek out ways to bring it into your current reality.

So this weekend I’m making plans to go to the mall and spend $1,000 (in my head) by trying on everything that I would love to purchase and maybe I might purchase something but my point is I am priming myself for exactly what I’ll be doing in the very near future. I am exposing myself to exactly what I want to be able to do.

So tell me what do you desire in life and how are you going to bring it into your environment? Leave me a comment and let me know! I can’t wait to read your comments.

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