You know you want something more out of your life. And maybe you even know that you truly have a purpose greater than what you are living now. You may need to gain some clarity around what it is exactly that you want to create. Bring it into focus a bit so that you can know the exact steps to take, right? Where do you go from here? What do you do next? How do you figure out what to do next? These are all questions that probably pop into your mind daily as you think about wanting more in your life. It seems so far out of reach, the desires that you yearn for. You may even think it’s never going to happen and that maybe you are just being silly for dreaming like you do. I assure you, you are not silly and the desires that you feel coursing through you each and every day are yours to bring to life. Your life is yours to create and yours to live full-out.  Will you allow yourself the space to live full out no matter what? Will you allow yourself to be seen? I think this is probably one of the biggest fears that hold us back, the fear of being seen. The fear of people learning about what our deepest desires are and allowing other people to see the unfolding of these desires scares the crap out of us.  Yet we know that if we don’t do something about the things we desire in life we will be miserable.

You are not meant to be miserable and unfulfilled you are meant to have all that you desire and you are meant to be happy, confident, sure in yourself and have a peace of mind that transcends all understanding. I’m reminded of a verse in the Bible that says we are not given a spirit of fear but of peace, love and a sound mind. Do you believe that you can have the peace that you desire? Do you believe that you can have the love that you desire? Do you believe that you can have the sound strong mind that will open you up to being truly limitless in your life? I believe it and I think that deep down you believe it too.

It easy to get caught up on the ways of the world and shrink back in our lives and play small. I want to tell you today that playing small is not serving you nor is it serving anyone else in your life. You playing small actually stops the blessing for another person whom you are meant to bless. Have you ever thought of that?  Get in the arena of life and actually show up for yourself and stand for what it is you want. Never settle for less than you KNOW you are supposed to have, period.

So here’s the thing once you make the decision to play full-out in your life and be all that you are destined to be you are going to come up against pain,being uncomfortable and just feeling plain fear. What will you do? Will you push through anyway and stay focused on your end result or will you crumble under the pressure feeling like you can’t take it anymore? Your ability to move past the pain and keep going really shows your level of commitment. If you get discouraged easily then let me just tell you now, you won’t make it. And the thing to understand is that the journey to recognizing and living in your full greatness and power is not for everyone. Being seen and heard on the level that you desire isn’t for every person because it truly does require a level of commitment that most people are not willing to bring forth every day.  

Creating the life you desire is like an Olympic athlete training for the Olympics, she trains every single day NO MATTER WHAT. She trains when she is tired, she trains when she is in pain, she trains when her friends are out having a good time, she trains on the weekends, she gets up early and trains, she stays up late and trains. She gets it done and she does this for years all for that one moment. Now I know this may seem a bit extreme but I have learned and I am still learning that when you have a desire so deep to live a life that is just fabulous and beyond comprehension for some it requires an intense level of commitment and this is exactly why most won’t do what is necessary. But you I know are ready and willing do what it takes to bring your dreams to fruition. You will not give up. You will not settle.

Your life is bigger than you and the thing you are meant to accomplish in this world is bigger than you. Will you rise to accept your calling? Will you do the necessary work to build your confidence, your belief in yourself, your unshakable peace of mind?  It is critical for you to have mental toughness and to cultivate this mental toughness in order to keep pushing and to ultimately live the life of your dreams.

I know to some this all may seem vague, phrases like living the life of your dreams, living your purpose, do what you were called to do but I think you and I know that although it may sound vague you desire to have it all and to walk in your calling. I believe we all have a deeper purpose for being here then just working and paying bills. You are meant to impact others and create movements and to fully embody the greatness that you are.

It all comes down to you getting real with yourself and deciding if you are just going to continue to live your status quo life or if you are going to break the barriers and live your life full-out. Make the commitment today to BE the woman who you really want to be and be unapologetic about it. No more putting up walls and pretending to be someone who you are not. You are being called to a higher purpose and it’s up to you to answer the call. Will you answer the call?


Your best life ever is just on the other side of YES!

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