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 Feeling like a caged bird?? You can see all of the beauty before you that is supposed to be yours but you can’t touch it.

Life has a way of making you feel like you’re just a bystander in the world and in your life.

Watching people pass by looking happy, free and content. You long to know what it feels like to be the same and be the one calling the shots in your own life.

Maybe you wonder what your life could and would be like if you believed in yourself more, felt more confident or if you just had more clarity around what to do to get what you want.

You know that all of the above is possible for you and you also probably already know that within you there is a confident, fun and fierce woman who is begging to be seen!

Which is exactly why it may feel like you are a caged bird. Full of beauty, confidence, and all things womanly but then you wonder HOW you express such. HOW do you get it all out of you because let’s be honest you want to be seen.

You want the world to know who you are and you want to be heard. You want the world to know that you were here, right??

You are not like everyone else, you’re different. You are driven, ambitious, determined and self-motivated and you are willing to do the things most people won’t so that you can have the things that most don’t.

You want everything that you dream about and although your desires may sound crazy to the normal person, I totally get it because I have them too!

So beneath the outer persona that you project to the world of a normal,low-key kind of woman I SEE you and I honor the diva within you that is fighting trying to find her way out into this world.

At some point you gotta decide if you are ready to unlock the caged bird within you and set yourself free to simply BE the you that you were designed and created to be.

What’s stopping you??


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