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You dream about living the life you desire every single day. You wish for it and wonder when it will all change.
You say that you really want this and you want that however nothing is showing up, nothing is changing.
So maybe this is all there ever will be, right? Maybe the desires you have inside aren’t really for you.
But I believe our desires aren’t just arbitrary but they are the real deal and we are meant to explore them and live them out in our life.
But I do need you to stop pretending.
Kendra, what do you mean??
Stop acting like you want to really change yet you are NOT showing up for yourself daily!!
You are fooling no one but yourself and hurting only yourself.
When you DECIDE that you are going to step up and really take personal responsibility for your life then we can talk.
Until then we can’t be friends, let’s not have fake chit chat and pretend to really be in a deep conversation.
I want to speak to the self-motivated, driven, passionate and get sh*t done woman who doesn’t take no for an answer.
No more playing small, okay? No more hiding your voice because the world needs you.
And for the love of all things please do the freaking WORK that will truly allow you to take quantum leaps in your life
Kendra ❤
Remember ~
Your best life ever is just on the other side of YES!!
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