Who the hell are you anyway?? Do you even know??

Deep inside of you there’s a voice that is constantly reaching out to you.

You simply just want to be seen for who you are. You deeply want your greatness to shine through because you know like you know that you have it all in you.

You want to feel secure in who you are and you want to own all of who you are without feeling fearful that people will judge you or wonder what the heck you are doing.

You want to touch lives and really make an impact in this world and be remembered for the greatness that you pour into others.

Let me tell you this you are so amazing and yes you are phenomenal STOP being afraid to share this with the world.

Who cares what people may think?

Who cares what people may say?

You know my saying right? It’s none of your business what people think about you.

Stop making the excuses that you will finally show up for yourself when you feel like the time is right.

Here’s a secret for you – the time is never going to be right – so why not allow the time to be NOW.

Take the action that needs to be taken for you to unleash the magnificence within you.

Allow yourself to fully feel the emotion of doing what it is your soul so desires.

Who said we have to live in our tiny little boxes that were made for us by other people?

I say break out of that box and start doing what you want to do in your life.

Release the fear that you can’t possible have what it is that you desire in your life, because you most absolutely can, but only if you allow it.

Will you give yourself permission?

Will stop making excuses?

Will you allow yourself to feel a little bit uncomfortable in order for you to satisfy the desires of your soul?

I promise you that when you start living life your place of greatness, everything will rise up to meet you.

If you are waiting for things to jut magically appear for you (like I did for so long) you are going to be badly disappointed.

Nothing shows up for you like you want it to without you first taking the first step towards it.

I remember when I was young I played basketball and one of the things that my coach would always drill in us was that we needed to come to the ball when it was being passed to us. We were to lean into the pass because by doing so we are more likely to catch the pass and since we were already in motion it gave us the momentum to keep moving and score a goal.

So keep moving towards what it is you desire.

Stop listening to the naysayers who say that you can’t do it.

You can do it!

You will do it if you just simply take the action and trust in yourself for once instead of someone else.

Your bliss is within you and until you give yourself permission to let it out you will continue to walk around feeling unfulfilled wondering when things are going to change.

Things will only change my love when you do.

It is said that the richest place on earth is the cemetery.

Don’t die with your dream still inside of you.

As morbid as this may sound this one thing that keeps me motivated because I DO NOT want to come to the end of my earthly experience and know that I didn’t show up fully.

Decide today that you are going to stop saying NO to yourself and do what ever the heck it takes to have what is destined for you.

AS you move forward your next step will be revealed to you.

We get so busy/distracted with life sometimes that we easily forget that we are here for so much more.

Your presence here on this earth is not about you at all.

When you show up for yourself you give permission for others to show up for themselves as well.

No longer will you numb out in front of the TV wishing you had the life of those you watch (I did this too) you will CREATE exactly what it is you desire to have.

Oh and don’t feel ashamed for wanting MORE.

Having and wanting more are your birthright and there is no gold star given for refusing the greatness in life.

Be the kind of woman, TODAY, that you need to be in order to live the life that you desire.

It’s a decision and one we make everyday

Consciously or unconsciously we make choices everyday about how we show up for ourselves.

How are you showing up?

Can you honestly say you are showing up in a way that is in alignment with what you dream about?

If the answer is no then we have some work to do.

This thing called life is absolutely amazing and we are meant to enjoy every single moment, the ups and the downs.

We are meant to see the beauty that lies around it.

We are meant to connect to other people on a deep level and see the beauty within them.

We are mean to simply be present.

We are meant to thrive and to grow.

We are meant to have love, joy and happiness.

We are meant to feel alive every single day.

We are meant to impact those around us.

We are meant to own our greatness.

Do you own yours?

Know that I love you and want nothing but everything you are supposed to have in this life.

I believe in you and I have faith in you.

You are beautiful and an absolute treasure.

~Remember, your best life yet is just on the other side of YES!



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