I just completed my nightly workout with Jillian Michaels and I am so proud of myself for keeping up with my routine of exercising my body.  Exercise is my catalyst for inspiration, I get the best ideas during and right after a workout.

 Just before working out I was putting my daughter to bed and as usual I laid beside her and rubbed her back for a few moments to help her get to sleep and as usual I get relaxed and sleepy myself.  Tonight my inner voice kept telling me to just go take a shower and climb into bed. I mean I have been working late nights for the past week or so and I deserve to get into the bed and relax.  I fought back, thinking no I am going to do my workout just as I said I would and do some work on my business, but that voice persisted saying no it will be all right just one night of rest isn’t going to set you back. 

I knew better and I have come to recognize this subconscious voice of mine that likes to rear its ugly head when I am pushing myself more than normal. I decided right in that moment that regardless of how I felt I was going to say YES to my workout and to my business. I kept repeating to myself as I lay there soothing my daughter to sleep, “Five day hustle and two day play.”  This for me means go hard during the week and when my weekend comes I can play and do whatever I want. So after making sure my daughter was good and kissing her goodnight I promptly got up, put on my workout clothes and popped in my Jillian Michaels DVD and hit it hard.

During my workout I started thinking about how our best life yet is really just on the other side of us saying YES to ourselves. Simply giving ourselves permission to have our best life is exactly what creates our best life right before our eyes. The first time I said YES to myself in a big way was on May 14, 2016 when I was at a conference designed to walk you through how to launch your business and I took a leap of faith by investing in myself and in my future by joining about 20-30 other women in a 6 month mastermind and I haven’t looked back since.

Something magical happens when you pull up the courage within you to say YES to exactly what it is you desire in your life. It doesn’t have to be difficult just simply say YES.

Say yes to being happy.

Say yes to being confident.

Say yes to being bold.

Say yes to being seen.

Say yes to being the phenomenal woman that you know you are meant to be.

Say yes to that deep burning desire to be more for yourself and your family.

Say yes to laughing more and having the most fulfilling relationships you could ever imagine.

Say yes to the man of your dreams.

Say yes to being used by God.

Say yes to being who you truly are.

Say yes to more money.

Say yes to having a sexy body.

Say yes to being the one who breaks the generational curse in your family.

Say yes to being the best and highest version of yourself.

Just simply say yes and you will be flooded with gratitude as you begin to see your life unfold before you in a way that you could have never imagined. It is a simple three letter word that for many of us is so hard to say. 

Why is it so hard? Because we feel like it has to be hard, we are surrounded each and every day by strife, struggle, negativity, and confusion. To simply make the decision to say YES and go for what we want seems too easy.  It’s ashame really because our best life yet is just on the other side of YES.

Go get your YES!!

How do you get your YES??

Work on improving you, work on your mindset, work on learning how to change your mind, work on upping your mental game and lean into life.  Do everything possible to create a shift in how you see yourself, your life and your world because you my love are so WORTH it!! And the totally awesome thing is that once you make this amazing shift to YES no one can take it from you.

If you are ready to live your best life yet and say YES to yourself I encourage you to follow me on Facebook, I encourage you to work with me in my upcoming LIVE virtual boot camp and get ready for some awesome BREAKTHROUGHS.


Be Blessed 🙂 

Kendra Kay Woods 

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