secret-ingredient    Stop spinning your wheels or as I like to say stop running around the hamster wheel in your mind.  You know what I’m talking about, you have tons of ideas and dreams about what you want in your life, career, business, marriage, finances, etc. but it seems like you can’t gain any ground or momentum. So it feels like you are just running in circles not accomplishing much of anything.  This gets frustrating and makes you feel like quitting. Believe me I am saying this from my own experience so I know how you feel. You wonder if it’s even worth it or you start to rationalize in your mind that things could be worse so why not just be happy where you are and leave things as they are.  I do believe in being grateful for what you have and being happy with where you are planted but that doesn’t mean that you have to settle and not work for anything more.

            There is an easy, easy, easy thing that you need to do that many of us don’t do because although it’s easy  it’s not simple.  That one easy thing is make a freaking DECISION to be, do or have exactly what it is that you desire and/or dream about. That’s it!! Just make a decision. But be aware that making the decision is easy but often times it isn’t simple and this is where we find ourselves spinning our wheels feeling stuck and unable to make any real progress. This is where frustration sets in and can cause you to doubt what it is you desire.  But know that doubt is the secret ingredient to killing your dream!! If we allow doubt to fester while we are in the state of being frustrated, we quit and then beat ourselves up about it. So to help you get past this state of frustration and doubt I will share with you what you need to do EXACTLY so that you can keep moving forward and make some REAL progress towards your desires.

#1 – Get Crystal Clear

            The number one thing you need to do once you have made a decision is to get crystal clear on who you need to be in order to stand in your decision firmly. This initial step should take a good bit of time because the goal is to get as clear as freaking possible about what you are deciding and then get freaking clear on WHO you need to be.   This means that you will need to recreate who you are and align yourself as the person who already has what it is that you desire.  If you don’t know what that looks like you will want to study the people who already have what it is you are looking for.  If you want to be a millionaire, then you need to study the characteristics of millionaire’s and start incorporating those characteristics into your life.  If you want to be an entrepreneur, then you need to study the ways and habits of successful entrepreneurs and begin incorporating those characteristics into your life. The important thing to note here is that once you firmly make your decision you can’t leave it up to chance that all is going to align with your decision if you aren’t doing the necessary work, which leads me to number two.

#2 – Get To Work 

        Now that you have made the crystal clear decision it’s time to get to work. Don’t spend too much time trying to figure out the HOW because it’s easy to get stuck in this place and you’ll find yourself spinning your wheels again. So instead of focusing on what to do, start doing some research and then make a DECISION on what you are going to do first. Then be faithful in your work, meaning don’t stop until you get the result you are looking for.  I think we have become so conditioned to getting results NOW that when we have to wait for anything longer then we feel we should we get discouraged and frustrated and give up.  Don’t fall into this trap thinking that your result is never going to show up because if you keep putting one foot in front of the other and consistently doing the work it has to show up!!

            I could go on and list several other ingredients that you need to master in order to get what you want out of life but I won’t because honestly this is a great start.   If you can master the two actions that I outlined for you above, then you are so much further than the majority of the people in our world today.  Now if you are a person who learns by hearing as well then I invite you to listen to my live stream on Facebook that I did this week titled, Decide Already, where I talk about making the decision and showing up for yourself.  You can watch it HERE.

            I invite you to share what you learned here today because there is someone else who needs to read this and so why not sow a seed into the life of another person. If you aren’t following me on Facebook you are missing out. Like my page and view all of the amazing videos.   I’ll see you at the top.

 Be blessed!


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