Happy Friday!!!

Do you believe??  Do you believe that if you simply change your mind you can actually change your life?  If you don’t I want to personally challenge you to consider the idea that your life could go from good to great and from great to awesome just by simply changing your mind and being absolutely intentional about nurturing your mind.  We hear every day about how to nurture our bodies by working out and eating right but very rarely do I hear anyone talking about how to nurture and pamper your mind.

You see your mind is so powerful and I think that we take it’s magnificence for granted because our mind just does what it is supposed to be doing each and every day.  But what if I told that you could take a quantum leap in your life if you would just do 3 simple activities and commit to them?  You may at first be skeptical and think really Kendra a quantum leap – let’s get real.  Well I am being very real and so serious.  Take the time today to read through the three activities that I am about to share with you and really consider implementing all of them or at least one of them into your daily routine.  Okay, here we go!

Nurturing Activity #1 -Commit To A Television Fast 

Yes you read that right.  Fast from television for five (5) whole days. If you just can’t deal with the fact that you may miss your favorite show then set it to record and watch it after your fast.  Take the time that you would normally spend watching television and do something creative like writing, exercising, and journaling, take a long hot bath, talk with a friend or go to bed early.  You will be amazed at how good you feel if you will commit to doing this.  During this time overload yourself with all things positive.  I love listening to audio books in the car or tuning into a motivational YouTube channel.  Your mind will thank you and you’ll feel so good!

Nurturing Activity #2 – Stay Hydrated (Drink at least 64 oz. water)

Did you know that most of us walk around every day dehydrated and don’t even know it.  While we are sleeping our body is working to repair and restore itself from the activities of the day. During this process our body is depleting our water supply to serve its needs.  This is why it is recommended that you drink a glass of water first thing in the morning.  My go to favorite is lemon water because adding lemons to your water is detoxing and nourishing for your body and skin. Have you ever wondered why you may feel sluggish and your mind feels like it is in a fog sometimes?  It could be that you are dehydrated and your body is trying to tell you.  Try this, next time you feel sluggish, hungry, or moody drink two full glasses of water and see if you don’t feel better.  When I had an office job (before I started working for myself) I used to bring a 64 0z bottle with me to work filled with all my water and some lemons. You don’t have to spend a lot of money – I got mine from Dollar General and I love it.  Staying hydrated allows your mind to literally fire on all cylinders as you go about your day.  You are sharper, quick thinking and overall more productive in your day.

Nurturing Activity #3 – Keep a Gratitude Journal 

Expressing gratitude each day reminds you that no matter how bad your day was there are still several things for you to be grateful for.  Recognizing and expressing gratitude keeps your mind focusing on what is right in life and not always pondering over the things that are wrong. So each day commit to writing out three (3) things that you are grateful for.  Do this in the morning and then do it again before going to bed.  Don’t make this difficult or over think it.  There have been days that I was just simply grateful to have a hot cup of coffee and for getting my kids out of the house in the morning without any melt downs.  It makes you feel good and gives you a boost of hopefulness.

Do all three or choose one to practice each week.  I would love to know what you decide and support you on your journey so leave me a comment and tell me.

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Until next time!

Be blessed!

Kendra Kay Woods


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