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Last night was a blast!! I spoke with the host of Define U RADIO about Defeating Your Worst Enemy and we had some great moments and shared some wonderful truths. Do you know who or what your worst enemy is? It’s not what you think and it isn’t anything outside of yourself, it’s actually within you.  A couple of weeks ago I wrote about limiting beliefs and this is what we discussed on the show but on a deeper level.

As we know limiting beliefs are beliefs that we acquire as a result of making an incorrect conclusion about something in life. As we talked we discussed those beliefs that come up often with women. One of those being –  I am not good enough – I am guilty of feeling like this at a point in my life.  No we don’t walk around saying I am not good enough but we express this in our actions.  We don’t do the things that will move us closer to our purpose. We stay in situations that aren’t serving us and we don’t speak up about what we need in our lives. Underneath it all what we’re saying is that we aren’t good enough.

We had a caller that was concerned about the patterns she was exhibiting that were not allowing her to focus on her school and internship.  She couldn’t quite figure out why she was standing in her way.  What patterns do you recognize in your life that could be holding you back?  Anytime you find yourself in this place there is something deeper going on.  It turned out that this particular woman felt like she was too old for the schooling she was doing and that she wouldn’t be hired after finishing school because of  her age.  So she was doing things, like watching TV until midnight because deep down she didn’t feel good enough to focus on her dream 1000%.  If this sounds like you I challenge you, just as I did her, to cut the distractions out of your life.  Spend less time focusing on the things that aren’t high quality mind food and instead spend your time doing what you need to do to get ahead and make yourself feel good.  Keep a journal of the patterns that you see coming up in your life and then address each one by going deeper and asking yourself why you are allowing these things to control your destiny.

Tweet This: “When we don’t tend to ourselves we prolong our purpose.” ~ Kendra Kay Woods

We had some great conversation around what happens when people don’t conquer or face their limiting beliefs.  And I shared some personal things that I found was happening to me a a result of me not being willing to face my incorrect beliefs. For me I found that I was looking to other people too much instead of looking to myself.  I  was hanging on every word that others said about me and then I started living out who and what people said that I was.  I would come home at the end of a day and wonder why I didn’t feel like myself and why I felt so unhappy.  I would spend 2-4 hours a night just simply watching TV knowing that I needed to be doing something productive.  For others the distraction from self can simply be over indulging in shopping, always going out to eat or doing stuff outside of the home to keep you from being alone. When you really get to it we cannot allow ourselves to be overly concerned with what other people think of us. We must  move pasted this in our minds so that we can focus on what’s important.

Tweet This: “You have got to move your mind past what other people think of you!” ~Kendra Kay Woods

If you would like to hear the call in its entirety I am including it with this post. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.

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